List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Could not possibly disagree more.
We have quality on every line.
More than our share of match-winners, experience, speed and ridiculous depth.

It would be great if we get another mid or two in, but in reality lists just don’t get more primed than ours was this year and will be next year.


I have Gleeson, Ridley and Redman all in my best team.

Teams role with a back 7

Add one on the wing / Hb rotation which also includes Conor.


Francis. Hooker. Saad.

McKenna. Hurley. Gleeson.

Ridley and Redman on the interchange. They mark it, can both kick it and are in that prime age to take the leap.



There are lots of teams that can win a flag. Only one of them will.

Is it likely that we win it next year, no but it’s also not a ridiculous suggestion.

I’ve been very critical of our list, recruitment and general running of the club for quite a long time, so am not one that defends the club at every opportunity, but i believe now we are headed in the right direction and have a pretty decent list, a good football dept, a stable club and that gives us a chance.


What do you think of this @Alan_Noonan_10 ?


On the interchange, I can handle it. Both of those two can play almost anywhere.

I just hate it when you set up to play a loose man. Loose men in defence develop as the game unfolds, but to base your whole strategy on it is brought undone pretty easily. It’s a total softcock strategy.


That was way nicer than I was expecting.


Well, we’re 3 short, for a start. And it would be pretty arrogant to pass on pick 8 and 32…


I agree with the talent but again I think you underestimate how much change we had from midfield from 2017 > 2018, and how long it takes sides - all sides - to blood and integrate 3 or 4 mids.

Not the case for this year coming, though.


Gleeson will have bulked up in his time on the sidelines. Will not be the twig we remember. Another factor to make things complicated.


How did you feel about Collingwood’s list early this year?


This has been floated before…

In relation to Ambrose, he started forward, moved back. He has a great tank, can monster blokes in a tackle and can look after the kids.

Thoughts about him playing midfield?

As much as I like him, I just can’t see a role for him down back.


No. Not enough agility or clean enough with ball use.


His role down back should be depth for Hurley and Hooker. That’s assuming Hurley is playing a more defensive role of course.


Could see him used as a tagger. And certainly attacks ground balls like they said something distasteful about a close family member. Don’t think he’s got enough tricks or class for much more than a jobber role in there.


There’s about 15 ways we could go with tall backs.
Hurley/Hooker/Francis is probably the best credentialled off this year’s efforts, but Francis/Hurley/Ambrose could work, Hooker/Francis/Gleeson could work

Etc etc etc


lol, god no. if there was one player on the list who is more an athlete than a footballer, its Patty Ambrose. Clearly works his @ss off and is a strong contributor to the team, but hes very limited with his talent. he would be a liability in the midfield


What about Gleeson?


He personally thinks his role is no longer kpd but on your DeGoey’s and Caddy’s etc

But with the way Francis came on and the upside to intercept marking and his weapon kicking I’m not sure Ambrose’s shut down game is enough


Ambrose should be trained as a tagger. Woosha doesn’t believe in the worth of taggers but; the top 4 teams all tag and also get tagged. Woosha is yet to prove he is the coach we hoped he would be.