List build - where are we? Where are we going next


I don’t particularly agree with this. Shiel is 25. Same as Heppell, near enough.
Above that age group (key players) are only Bellcho, Hooker, Hurley and Zaha.
All the rest of the quality is 26 and down.

So that should drive our strategy. We’ve got 5-6 years to win one with that 26 and down age group. The club were very clear on that last year.


Draper is still learning, especially around the ground, but IMO is ready to be back-up. Would be at the lower end of the AFL spectrum initially, but would improve through 2019. The question is whether or not we can realistically get someone who is materially better than Draper, because if we can’t, and it takes a list spot, what’s the point?

We’ll still need 2-3 picks at the draft, and I’d like to see a small forward and outside mid taken if possible. Matt Parker, Marlon Pickett and Adrian Wilson (all mature aged players) would be my preferences given where our (lack) of picks are now likely to be.


“Matt Parker, Marlon Pickett and Adrian Wilson”

tell us more about them please.


Adrian Wilson - previously on Adelaide’s list, super super quick wing/for is 26yo @Aceman loves him

Marlion Pickett - Arguably the best player in the WAFL, silky midfielder who kicks goals @benfti loves him

Matt Parker - SmF/HFF athletic 187ish cms, has a bag of tricks and applies stacks of defensive pressure


Conor will be happy


Gleeson(85) Hooker(95) Saad(80)
McKenna(85) Hurley(95) Francis(75)

TBC(85) Shiel(80) Merrett(75)
Zaka(80) Heppell(85) McGrath(75)

Smith(80) Daniher(95) Stringer(80)
Walla(75) Mckernan(95) Fantasia(75)

Redman(80) Parish(75) Langford(75) Guelfi(75)
(Time on ground %)

7 defenders, 1 ruck, 9 mids, 5 forwards.

Guelfi replaced with a forward if mids can’t impact resting forward.

We need Laverde, Begley, Houlihan to kick bags and put pressure on for spots. Stewart also to pressure Smack or push Stringer higher up the ground.
Ridley, Ambrose and Zerk is good defence depth.
Myers, Mutch, Clarke is good enough depth. Latter two plus Mynott will only get better.

Our first pick in the draft has to have goal kicking nous.




Should link up well with Devon.


The younger/new players still need more games to get a good sense of each. Shiel is a great get, and he should put us closer to a top 4 finish, but he is only one player. My feel is that we need just 2-3 years or about 40 more games from the quality group playing together before we can start a dynasty like Hawthorn of 2012-15.

That is why I would have liked to see us get Martin and Setterfield instead but I am still happy with Shiel - fark Carlton!


Needs more Langford


If the rumours over what we’re paying Shiel are true, and we don’t break the bank on the trade table, Shiel maybe as good as either of those two from a bargain and sustainable list perspective.


I think the group was knitting very well in the second half of the year. Skippy is getting a good group together

I also don’t think there’s going to be that much upheaval this year. Goddard’s left, Redman and/or Francis take that spot; still plenty of experience in that area of the ground with Hurley and Hooker. In midfield we’re not really losing anyone, Shiel comes in as a seasoned player, confident in his own ability - so it’s more a matter of adaptation to the gamestyle and teammates than a full-on blooding like a draftee or even Setterfield would be. Joe comes back, and hopefully a full year out of Fanta and SMack. All know the coach, team and system now.

I’m very confident for 2019.
Not saying we’ll win the flag, but IMO it’s not unrealistic.


Pffft! Carlow is way down in the south-east, Conor’s from Ulster…they won’t understand each other.


Zaka outside of your top 5 mids is good depth, and I love Zaka.


B: Glees. Hooksy. Saad
HB: Francis. Hurls. McKenna

C: Pidge. Hepps. Zaka
R: TBell. Shiel. Zerrett

HF: Stringer. Joe. Smith
F: Walla. Nerns. Raz.

Int: Lang. Redman. Guelfi. Parish

Unlucky/could easily challenge with good form or development: Brown, Baguley, Laverde, Myers, Guelfi. Ambrose, Hartley, Colyer, Mutch, Stewart, McNiece.

Dea? Leuenberger?

That’s a decent top 35 without knowing movements of the last few.

Midfield is a bit harder to pick. 4 blokes forward who will rotate various time in the middle without losing anything from either area! Smith and Stringer will spend a lot more time in the middle. Redman can run through the middle too but is also the 7th defender. Saad and McKenna can move in there if needed too. Hooker can go forward. Plenty of versatility back (might be lacking that specific, slippery small shut down type role but Saad can do that while potentially taking away from his break away game. Put someone like McGrath back to cover if needed). McKernan is the ruck chop out who must recapture his form from this year. TBell goes high forward while resting.

That group of players have so much upside and flexibility I can’t wait till round 1 already.


That’s a good call. GWS mentioned they only want picks, I assume we will later picks in return, so if Dodoro can find replicate his 2013 draft picks (Merrett & Fantasia), I’ll replace Christ the Redeemer with a bigger statue of Jackets myself.


Ugh. Legit forgot about Parish! Ok, we’ve got mid depth. This is going to be good. Far as I can see all we could ask more of is another up and coming quick outside mid type, another key defender on the proviso we lose Harts, a durable back up ruck, possibly a lock down small defender. Ruck depth is the only real ■■■■■ in the armour. List is looking damn good. Get on us!




Why do people keep putting Smith in the forward line in these things? Are they secretly AA selectors?

He didn’t play there in 2018. He left the Giants specifically to stop being a midfielder. I can’t recall the last game we didn’t select 6 forwards (injuries permitting) in the best 22. E.g. most of this year it was 2 talls, Stringer, Walla, and two of Green/Raz/Bags/Hooker/Begley. Last year it was mostly 3 talls + Walla/Green/Raz/Colyer.

I doubt we’re moving away from having at least 6 designated forwards in the 22 selected, and Smith won’t be designated a forward. Or Langford (I think).


I agree. Which is why we need to keep Bags and get in a couple of other small forwards