List build - where are we? Where are we going next


You have to put him somewhere in the starting 18.

Mids rotate on the ground, and it just looks better with Smith starting there.

I have no idea how many centre bounces McGrath attended this year but I’m guessing not many. That should change next year, and we’ll probably see more different centre set ups.

I think this set up is the most potent one:
TBC, Stringer, Merrett and Shiel.


I reckon we’ll be rotating players through there more. He’d be at least 50% mid time.


Apparently we are putting another potential Cat B rookie through his paces tomorrow at the TVSC.

I don’t have a great deal of information other than he is 20 yo, 200cm + and very athletic with little AFL experience.

Similar project to Luke Lavender I suspect.


Is this the Irish kid?


Forget more small forwards. Goal kicking midfielders.

With rotation capping you’d want guys in your forward and back line who can move into the midfield when required. Maybe that’s simplistic. But it’s how I see it.


Nah he’s 19 and about 185cm


Gillard? Hear a while back we signed him. But not sure if that was just for our academy.


Agree. McKenna, Stringer, even Francis… these guys can mix it up in the middle with their size and strength if given short bursts on the ball. We got enough smaller guys to rotate through the middle and rest in a fwd pocket - Smith, Tip, Raz… plenty of small goalkickers - not a weakness


No Australian.


Gingist. Like for like eh? DO THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME TO YOU?


Seems odd when we can potentially add Hanna as a Cat B and have Lav 2.0.


There are several Irish kids and at least one is a tall.


How many catB’s are you allowed?




But only one of them can be Irish right?


I don’t actually know if there is a limit.


Pretty sure there is. We can have as many Irishmen as we like but only one can be Rookie b.

@SplitRound ?


An Irishman, an Englishman and an Australian walk into a club…


The Australian was punted for substandard skills?


Yeah, it’s a trial so might not go ahead. I was told he’s a very good kid though, hard working and very fit and athletic. I was told he’s 208cm’s but I’m not sure how accurate that is.