List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Absolutely, it’s a guess, which is what I did, and the total came to 14.5m.

I’m striking OFF List Manager as a future career option.


I like to simply rate the list 1-44 on how important they are for the next year. (well 1-45 at present given Lav2 on the rookie B list).

I don’t know how sharing that information with you all helps anyone.


Whos No1?




I still have Hooker at #1.


I wouldn’t go that far.
A future at Carlton is a possibility.


If Leuy goes…?

ATHLETIC former Docker Zac Clarke looks a serious chance of reviving his AFL career, just one year after it appeared in danger of being over.

Two “east coast” clubs have spoken with Clarke’s management and two others are understood to be doing their due diligence on him after his standout WAFL campaign for Subiaco.

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The 28-year-old played 101 games for Fremantle, but the Dockers delisted him last year after he underwent two surgeries and suffered related complications with the patella in his left knee.

Clarke looms as a perfect fit for North Melbourne, which will lose Braydon Preuss to the Demons and be left with only teenager Tristan Xerri and defender Majak Daw as ruck options behind Todd Goldstein.

Among other clubs potentially in the mature-age ruck market are Greater Western Sydney – where Clarke could be the No.1 option – St Kilda, Western Bulldogs, Richmond and Adelaide.

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The difference this year compared to last is that Melbourne-raised Clarke must be selected in one of the drafts, rather than as a delisted free agent.

His knee issues put suitors off in 2017 despite several AFL recruiters being interested enough to run the rule over him in pre-draft medicals.

But the 203cm giant alleviated those doubts this year, making 20 WAFL appearances and kicking 28 goals for Subiaco, while averaging 15.7 disposals, 4.6 marks and 39 hit-outs.

Clarke had at least 50 hit-outs in his last three matches this season, including the Lions’ Grand Final triumph over West Perth, and managed the feat twice more before that.

His ability to complement his ruckwork as a marking presence up forward – a skillset also evidenced with 46 goals in his time at Fremantle – is believed to be one of his major selling points.

The AFL’s new ruck rules for next year may also work in his favour, where players will be able to grab the ball out of the ruck with the same prior opportunity as every other situation.

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That change could usher in a return to two specialist big men in the same side after clubs tended in recent seasons to turn to undersized back-up options to spell their top ruckman.

Premier West Coast operated with two ruckmen all year, while the likes of Brisbane and Hawthorn also regularly used the strategy and Melbourne appears open to the possibility.


We are soooooo getting fined.


It’s ok we pay them in cafes not money.


Good signs for our current list.


Hawthorn surprises me


North and FC don’t.


But but but Carlton have a great young list.


Gonna need someone if the burger goes.


Ok, I’ve had a couple of reds by this stage. Others things that can’t be mentioned on a public forum (no, not recreational substances. I’m too old for that). We’ve built an actual top class midfield. We have a great forward line. We have star defenders and run and gun champions off half back. Up and coming greats. A young list. This is 1999 again without the end result. The absolute cherry on top for me is that we have the progeny of a Daniher as our centre piece forward who is a gigantic marking machine (and ridiculously mobile) and all set to become the premier forward of the comp. flag year with big Joey taking out the Coleman is going to be massive. Strap in kiddies. Daddy’s dropping the hammer!


Youve just put me in the fark everyone I wanna just smash all 17 of you *** because I’m angry, fired up and it’s payback time mofos.

Unbeaten. Fark everyone.

Fark Carlton
Fark Norf
Fark Hawks
Fark the filth
And fark Carlton



Did you allow for the 1.4 mill covering coffee for Shiel at The little Sunflower?
Remeber veterans allow for half wage under salary cap and a player must play atleast 1 game to be in the salary cap.


Would be nice to grab another quick pressure forward. Ruck stocks are manageable with TBell/Smack. I’m confident Draper will get a run next year and perform ok. Also with the mid season draft you get an opportunity to take a state league ready made tall if needed.
Midfield wise I’d be interested to see how season pans out. But a true wingman who runs all day would be good. No good inside mids going, so trust that our current squad (including Shiel) can get the job done and see what is around next year


IIRC, that hasn’t been the case for quite some years. It used to be you could discount a very few players a lot, but now it’s more players but only a bit.


If Draper gets senior games next season it will be a pretty amazing story. I understand the guy is absolutely made for ruck work. That he’s really only been playing footy for a few seasons and is still learning makes me a bit concerned about how he’d go around the ground. But, who knows what another off season can do. Let’s hope he’s growing into the game super fast and can show everyone his value some time next season. We might just have the next premier ruck to go with our potentially A grade midfield.