List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Spot on mate. It’s why though I love barnz’s lad Jack Higgins I am reticent because he makes Parish look like Patrick Cripps.

But I see @barnz has pencilled in Jack this year as his boy. One of his other boys Ainsworth has as expected shown more ticker than most of the Gold Coast list combined! Taranto goes alright as well.

Both would look better in a sash.


Barnz and I led the Ainsworth bandwagon last year!! Haha.

But that was (at least from my perspective) if we traded our pick one for 2 of gold coasts top 10 picks rather than keep pick 1. He’ll be a gem.

Higgins does look like he’s ‘that kid’ who there seems to be in the first round of each draft. Does everything right and is a gun player with great attributes but the thing going against them is their size.

Normally I’m all for those types but crikey we are really hitting a tipping point in our midfield mix with those types.


So Jackets is dropping hints about contracted players potentially moving clubs. Is it time for Paddy to come home?

And, by home I obviously mean Brisbane.


You’d just love it if we convinced contracted Ollie Wines to leave, return to Vic for family and take Jobes spot.


if he was 5 cm taller hed be #1 pick.


Not only that but he’s the perfect contender to get a boutique winery going. Joe’s brews and Hooksey’s wine could be in for some competition!

Yep. Make it happen.


I agree, I rate him and think he is very exciting.

At what point though do we address our need for getting the right mix in our midfield group?


They all form part of the core of our midfield that we think can help us have our next tilt at things.

Hepp and Myers are currently the only bona fide mids with any size to them (Goddard nearing the end).

We all hope Langford and Laverde can break in there but I put my hand up to say I’m waivering a little on that.

If we took Higgins I’d be excited about the player he could be in isolation but I’d acknowledge that we have an imbalance in our midfield brigade.


Get higgins play myers?


If true, it means our past speculations in this thread have barely scratched the surface!

Uncontracted players only? We’ve only been looking at the tip of the iceberg!

This thread, after this new revelation:


And there you have it.

Pre-conditioning to another off-season of hand sitting from Dodoro.


Your seat on the Ainsworth train has come back to me.

I think fan fiction of 4 goal last qtrs to win preliminary finals hit its peak in the Spring of '16.

Oh the memories.


Adelaide’s main midfield group is:
Sloane (183cm)
Crouch (187)
Crouch (183)
Greenwood (190)
And Douglas (181)

I’m not sure height is a problem


How is it pre-conditioning?

He clearly states underneath the part you highlighted that we are a draft and develop club.


Tall crouch is the player we all hoped Myers could be.

Tall bullish midfielder that can wrestle free from contests and lay the ball out for overlapping run. Or drill a nice kick.


We’ll probably just end up with McVeigh and some other fringe player who was going to be delisted.


Yeah, because the club is shiit.


I still think Myers can have an impact, as long as the balance is right around him.

My point is we’ve got (ignoring Jobe and BJ for the minute) a 191cm and a 189cm guy already established in our mid rotations, and in the pipeline we have 191cm langford, 191cm Lav, 188cm Begley, 186cm Clarke and 187cm Mutch
People keep saying we need to draft big midfielders but there’s only so many list spots you can use for one role.


Could Lav become an inside mid?


That’s suprising.

Wouldn’t have thought he was that tall.

Definately a lot to like about the Fridge.


I think the issue is not one of ‘how many’, but one of ‘assurity’. We don’t need many of them but we definitely need one or two good ones. And we are, or will soon, lack that. If the ones you mentioned came on, we’d have more than enough. But that won’t happen. I do think Mutch & Begley will be inside/outside mids. Maybe wishful thinking.