List build - where are we? Where are we going next


This is why my contribution to forums is a mashup of snide short one-liners.
Everyone looks for some flaw in the way you made an argument so it can be used as a wedge.
You don’t get a bigger ■■■■ for winning forum arguments, ok?

I think we need cover for kinda tall, kinda young, kinda 'lock down ’ defenders.
Everyone else doesn’t.


The only reason we would require another lockdown defender in my opinion is if we weren’t confident we couldn’t improve our team defence across the whole pitch. I expect that will be addressed this preseason.

Both Hartley and Ambrose (Ambrose to a lesser extent due to injury) got exposed because the ball was coming in often and fast. Hartley in particular was getting caught out because he was watching his opponent too much rather than letting it unfold in front of him and attacking the ball.

If you apply far more pressure on up the ground like the good sides do then lockdown defenders aren’t as much of a requirement because the good sides are cutting the ball off in the air and on the ground.

Specialist roles in football in my opinion are a dieing breed. That goes for every position on the ground.


That’s the kind of argument I can respect.


Cam Guthrie would be a good get is a FA next year might find it tough to break in the middle with Gaz coming back.


Ablett will be playing a lot more fwd given his age. And Danger also fwd a lot as he did this year.


Mason Fletcher is our answer to a tall defender in next year’s draft.


How tall is Mason? Is he being used in key roles?


Assuming he doesn’t develop elsewhere. The reality is if he is really good given his size, he’s likely to play other roles than defence.

Which isn’t a problem, we need a young tall for the forward line as well.


Was 196 about 6 months ago, iirc.


So, if Mason could straighten his neck he would crack 200cms.


We dont need Essington to bob up every now and then like a cold sore . I am not sure that the 3 new players will cure that.



I wouldn’t be worried if we got another tall. I just don’t think it’s a high priority.


If I jot down a 22, it looks alright, but there’s not much outside that. The good sides bat deep, we don’t (at least for inside mids). I’m worried we get an injury later in the year and we have to throw a Langford or Begley in for their first real taste of AFL midfield action in an important game.
And I don’t think we can afford to keep Bird just for that situation


I think our inside mid depth is a bit better than some think.
I expect the Langford will be given an extended run early in there to continue his development. If that doesn’t pay off then Begley, Clarke, or Mutch are waiting to trial.
Yes, I’d love an inside mid gun added to the list, but given our late picks, and who we’ve picked up, list development this year is a classic Jackets free hit.
Any mid is likely to have issues eg. Clarke’s kicking, Barlow’s pace etc.
Mature backs are always popular as late picks, but for every Hibberd & Bags there is a Van Unen.
Undersized forwards or outside mids? Is there another Fanta hiding?

So on potential, upgrade Draper ( I’m strapped to the bandwagon)
Try Cassidy Parish and hope to improve his disposal (also deals with the “comes from a good family” requirement)
Wild card pick - any position or size - who the F knows?


I think it could be, even should be, but the coaches don’t seem to have the same faith in the younger guys.




Take the best kid who drops through the first rounds IMO.
Don’t think we can afford to take much of a strategy in, unless we’ve really got some sneaky inside running ( like we had with Zerrett and Hooker).


what inside running did we have with Hooker?


He was a good U17 who we were watching, but had glandular fever in his 18s year.
Everyone else dropped off him completely.


Yep similar to Goodes … sooner or later daniher will get injur3d playing in the ruck.

I get it he’s struggling it’s a good way to get him in the game, and in those situations then yea do it.

But he is a match winner forward, and surely having him in a bash and crash position like the ■■■■, it speeds up his fatigue levels. Pretty sure this year he didn’t kick over 5 goals in a game, foe someone who was in dominate modes like he was , that says something.

There’s other ways to get him in the game when or if he’s struggling other than the ruck