List build - where are we? Where are we going next


If the suggestion is hes not a match winner in the ruck, some of you need to watch ANZAC day again.

6’7” bloke contests tap, grabs ground ball, fakes around one guy, runs away from supposed A grade midfielder Treloar and sinks the goal from 60 and we’re back in front.



Don’t mind him. At least our coaches may have an idea how much development he’s got in him.

That’s the sort of wild card / who the F knows it’ll probably come down to.
HAP’s “Hooker with glandular fever”, a knee injury/broken leg that’s recoverable from.
Not based on any particular position or need.


I’ve lost track of this topic, but if we were looking at KPD depth in 12 months or 2 years we don’t necessarily need to be looking now. Every year there’s 3 or 4 Hartley’s available. That’s not to disrespect Hartley in any way, but every year there’s a bunch of 18yo project talls drafted, and 2 or 3 years later a bunch of them are delisted. A percentage of those continue to grow into their body and into their game and find themselves roles as KPD at state league level, and with consistent games and confidence find themselves as the sort of role player that can do the job at AFL level.

I’m completely happy to be drafting big KPD at 22 or 23, in the same way you might draft big rucks at 22 as well. With lists the way they are you just don’t seem to be able to spend 5 years developing these big guys who are harder to predict. Spend your 18yo draft picks on guys who are easier to predict (mids) and on talls who are extreme talents. Role players are role players, and you can’t be spending too much currency getting them in.

(If we were doing this right now then Sean Gregory would be in the mix, 5 years after we drafted him and got pretty much 0 return, and 3 years after we delisted him, given he’s a 23yo, 197 KPD who was FB in the VFL team of the year)

(I know this is a complete backflip for me as I’ve long been in the "must draft all your KP players first because they’ll take longer and while they’re developing you can get your mids, but I was probably wrong…)


Good post. Right now if we needed a role player there would be Collins, Gregory and Ferry as options.


I also agree. Gregory is a good option and probably proof that many big guys take longer to develop. I’d take Hartung over Howlett or Jerrett if he’s delisted. There’s probably many others as well. I’d take Crameri over those 2 as well.
I’d keep Smack unless we think Lavender or Draper are ready for senior football this year which I doubt.
Given we seem to have a few spots I’d consider giving Morgan 1 more year although would understand if they don’t. Long is probably in the same boat but I’d be more inclined to cut him.


With Long, is there a loophole that will allow us to cut him after the ND, then F/S rookie him again with last rookie list spot?


Definitely a “No” on the F/S bit.
I thought we could delist him and re-rookie him, but it appears not from what other Blitzers said. The 3 year limit is hard and fast.
So he’s either a rookie promotion or a delist.


I dont see how Jake is even in the picture…

Sorry to all the romantics


Yep. As I said elsewhere, if he was a no-name VFL player who had played the games in the VFL for Essendon he has, people would laugh at the idea of him being given a go at AFL level ahead of Boyse or Hind.

Where did he come in the VFL best and fairest?


Had a quick google search, and can only find the top 10. Hind, Boyse and NOB were in it, Long wasn’t. Mutch and Clarke made the top 5 in their first seasons, and Begley was 7th. It would be interesting exactly where Long came.


Dare say our 2018 performance will dictate how much we trade into the next draft


I attend a lot of VFL games and I found the B&F results a bit of a head scratcher to say the least so I’m not sure it’s a reliable indicator.

Having said that Long most likely misses the top ten anyway. He had just a fair season in my opinion and he also got suspended twice.

I still think he has some valuable AFL tools though and wouldn’t be upset if he was given another chance.

Hind would also be worth giving an opportunity.


I’m almost sure we can re-rookie him, we just can’t automatically keep him on the rookie list. Can’t say for 100% certain because the 2017 list management rules don’t seem to be available anywhere.


He was top 10 at Rd 16 or so. Must have received pretty much 0 votes in the last 6 odd games looking at the final numbers


He got suspended in that period.


Which gives him points in the “mongrel” category, which some Blitzers seem to think is a list need.


Good point. Was 8th after Rd 17


Hmm, so was doing better than I expected. I’ve got to admit, all the games I saw (I think about 7 odd) I thought he was pretty meh.


So just how is Fletch jr. travelling?

As father son prospects go, on the scale of Darcy to Joe Daniher where does he sit?


Darcy to Joe Daniher? That’s a pretty high benchmark.

Shouldn’t it be more like Foulds to J Daniher?