List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Perhaps! Just sprang to mind

I remember Joey being hyped up years before he was drafted, I don’t remember the same level of chatter about Darcy (although perhaps this is a reflection on the greater media focus on the draft in general).


The correct scale is the Neagle-Daniher scale


We’re talking footballing ability, not weight to height ratios


I got curious and googled Neagle’s stats.

In 2009 he averaged 1.6 goals per game (pretty good!), and 2.4 I50s per game (again, pretty good!) off of an average of 7.1 dispoals per game.

Talk about efficiency!


It has to be this. There is no way known there is a rule that says you can’t draft someone, that would be ridiculous.


Hearing Longy and Draper are getting promoted and Jerrett has survived the chop. 3 others will be delisted shortly.


If Jerrett survives that would be beyond extraordinary.


That doesn’t sound promising for Howlett, Bird and McKernan.

Surely Green would get another year.


Morgan is another who might be in trouble…bringing in Saad is a bad sign for him.


Midway through the year, there was a few people that had heard that the club were being patient with Jackson Merrett with his new role off half back.

So it’s not entirely surprising.


Very lucky. Thought his best chance of survival would be the old delist and rookie move.


With the way that Worsfold is instructing the side to perform, I’m not really surprised by those 3 being delisted, and the 3 that will be kept. ie. Long, Merrett & Morgan.


You forgot Saad and Mckenna


Thanks for the info. As you and Fogdog said, put’s Bird, Morgan, Howlett under pressure. It might, might not be relevant for McKernan as a rookie.

Seems odd Jerrett would be retained. I was a big fan at the start of 2016, but he’s had two pretty meh years, although he did have some good form pre-injury this year in the VFL.


Very interesting.

Amazing stuff from Draper to come from nowhere to upgraded.

As for Long, should be thanking his lucky stars. As should Jerrett. But pacey outside mids we are still lacking in so they’ve survived, for now anyway.

I expect we probably will only have 1ND selection, pick up 1 DFA kpf (Close/Crameri?) … and then have the 2 rookie upgrades.

So main list cuts to come still. Bird. Howlett. Morgan.

Rookie list cut. Smack (will leave 4 spare spots given Eades is gone and the 2 upgrades)


The other thing is that some of these guys may literally be being considered “holders” for a list spot for the 2018 draft. At the moment there are no obvious retirements (Goddard and Bags both possibilities), and a good chunk of the list is young. Jerrett and Long as senior players might be seen as one year to show something, or out.


His improvement was pretty massive this year. His first vfl game he looked like he didnt know what he was doing. he looked lost and out of his depth. Then at the tail end of the season he was crashing packs, taking big marks, kicking goals and holding his own in the ruck.

Itll be well deserved if its true that hes being upgraded.


Agree, I really like him on the ball for a few minutes each quarter. Gives him the freedom to go anywhere on the ground, has great speed and anticipation and he is a beautiful and very creative kick.


I wouldn’t cut Bird AND Howlett tbh. I don’t see much of a future at senior level for either, however, given we have little in the form of inside midfield depth, we could probably do worse than hang onto one for surety. And fwiw I would prefer Bird in that case.


Nah, cut them both. Myers will be the inside mid depth. Blokes like Langford, Mutch, Begley and Clarke should be getting a run as depth before Bird and Howlett from next year.