List build - where are we? Where are we going next


Yup. If we have a few injuries, we should be good enough to be able to bring in some younger guys for top level exposure. If we have so many injuries that we run out of those guys then we’re ■■■■■■ anyway, and Bird/Howlett aren’t going to save us.


If that’s true then that is just blatant charity from the football club.

I wonder if his brother being arguably our best player at the ripe old age of 21 and keeping him as happy as possible has any bearing on Jackson being allowed to stick around?


I dare say we are promoting draper and long as we don’t want to take 3 in the draft. Long we had to make a call on either way and they obviously deem him a better bet than pick 80+.

No need to upgrade draper unless it is to sayisfy one of the 3 draft spots.

I’m happy if jerrett stays. I think he offers something. At worst he is depth for 2018 before we make use of better draft position in 2018 in a strong draft year. Prefer him over green. I reckon green at risk.

Wouldnt be surprised to see morgan rookie listed if he gets the chop.


It makes sense to make minimal changes in a shallow draft if our first pick is in the late 40’s.

If next year is as strong as they say then that is the time to cut into the list.

I wouldn’t be shocked if we traded out some of our young players that have some currency also to get even more picks. Next year all the young players that haven’t taken a step up are on notice.


You would think Green should be signed for 1-2 years…important depth player…had a good year.


At the moment Green is a 12 month proposition at best. Don’t see him playing much senior footy next year.


why not? If we stick with the same structure of 3 talls and 3 smalls, then one spot is his to lose.
Smith has been recruited to play midfield, not small forward. Plus Fanta and Walla are likely to spend more time in midfield, so the need for Green is greater than it was this year


Greens biggest issue is he is virtually useless outside forward 50. With tippa fanta stringer smith laverde all rotating through the forwardline i don’t see where he gets a game


I wouldn’t think so.

He doesn’t play midfield.

All his competition can.

His season is slightly overrated as well in my opinion. He averaged a goal a game. He was our 6th most dangerous forward and we have included Smith and Stringer into our side who regardless of position I reckon will average atleast a goal a

2nd last for disposals per game only ahead of TBell.

12th for tackles per game

10th for goal assists per game

12th for score involvements per game.

2nd for inisde 50 tackles (Laverde was 1) which is good.

But I reckon he needs to do a little more given he plays in the front 6…


I might be wrong about Long…could be getting re-rookied instead. 2nd hand info!


His second half of the year was disappointing after a great start, but a lot of that was due to his suddenly terrible goal kicking (he could have been the hero vs GWS others).

It’s only one match, but his performance on ANZAC Day showed a level of forward line class and composure that we still need.

I’d be stunned if he wasn’t re-signed ahead of jerret et al.


That last stat, 2nd for inside 50 tackles, is probably what gets him a game. Defenders are nervous enough in the air against us, on the ground we need them soiling their dacks. That means at least two terriers in there at all times. Don’t think he’s keeping anyone more deserving out of the team in that regard. Question is over the condition of his little feet


I hope we give Morgan another year to get his body right and rookie list him.

If Draper is getting promoted it might be curtains for McKernan.


Draper being told to pull himself together?


I would be staggered if Jerrett remains on the list after zero senior appearances. 2017 was make or break, notwithstanding his leg injury towards the tail end of the year, he’d been playing VFL the whole time and failed to get a gig. I’d be quite disappointed if our 3 ND selections end up being 1 actual draft pick and 2 Rookie List upgrades. Again, Long failed to get a senior game and gets promoted If MaxFactor’s mail is true. I guess given he’s on his 3rd season as a rookie, we either have to promote to the senior list or he is out. A ruck division of Bellchambers, Leuenberger, Draper and Joey pinch-hitting is not the strongest. If McKernan departs they have to look at a ruckman who has AFL experience but was delisted (Zac Clarke) or a mature-age state league player who at the very least can be insurance.


If Jackson stays on the list it has nothing to do with his football ability, which is about as harsh a thing as I could say about that decision.

He will be 25 before the seasons starts in 2018. He is the 17th oldest on our senior list as it stands at the moment. He has played his 50 games, which is more AFL games than Walla, Hartley, Stewart, Saad, Fantasia. He was selected for zero games in 2017, along with Ridley, Mutch, Morgan, Redman and Clarke. All of those blokes are amongst the youngest on our list except perhaps Morgan who is still 3 years younger than Jerrett and came into the system a year late.

He should go.


I’m in the Jerrett is super lucky if he stays camp too

However …

He was an emergency numerous times throughout the season which indicates he was thereabouts in the selection committees thoughts based on his reasonably good VFL form (at both ends of ground)

He may well have come in for an underperforming Colyer late in season if it wasn’t for breaking his leg. Our senior team actually had very few injuries to give opportunity to others. Kudos Crowey!

Is he in our best side? No. Could he play a role if needed & be better than anything else we can get out there in weak draft for depth? If he stays list management think so.

And others have mentioned could be placeholder to then be traded/delisted at end of next year when we attack the draft again.


On Green, I think the key elements will be a consideration of his injury and fitness profile now and going forward. He is on the fringe, and would only be kept if it is believed he will and (due to foot injuries) can get the most out of himself. A good preseason and getting his goal kicking back to previous levels, and you would expect he would provide significant F50 pressure and (if he plays 22 games) should return to about 30 goals. That’s worthy of a spot on the list.

However, if he can’t (or won’t) fully apply himself, well, then he may be in a bad space…


He’s mullioning it over.


Is Bird contracted, some think he has to 2019 and some think he is out of contract.