List changes 2017

This is meant to be a list of players who have officially left, are delisted, or re-signed. I’ll try and keep it updated so people know what has happened and our current state of play with list spots.

Jobe Watson
James Kelly

Eades, Yestin

Confirmed available list spots
Senior: 2
Rookie: 1

From Dunlop’s contract thread the following senior players are still out of contract:

Baguley, Mark
Bird, Craig
Green, Josh
Hocking, Heath
Howlett, Ben
McKenna, Conor
Merrett, Jackson
Morgan, Alex
Stanton, Brent
Zaharakis, David

All rookies need to be offered new contracts. The rookies are:

Sam Draper
Jake Long (3rd year)
Shaun McKernan
Ben McNiece (B List)

A reminder: every club has to draft at least three players, although rookie elevations may still count. We can take less senior list spots and more rookies if we choose to. Rookies in 2018 will not need to be promoted to be selected to play (I believe).


Morgan,Merrett, Stanton, hocking, howlett, McKernan and long gone from that list I’d reckon


People are going to loose their ■■■■ when Bird is delisted and Howlett is offered 1 year.

If the uncontracted I’d offer Green, Bags, McKenna and zaha contracts.

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Yep, IMO nothing surer than Howlett getting 1 year and Bird being let go.


If Howlett gets anything more than an offer to be captain of our VFL team next year, then Jake Carlisle will have been proven correct and EFC really is farked…


Hopefully Howlett gets the one year…just so I can watch Blitz explode.


Do you think he should be offered another contract?

I thought Conor got an extension mid year?


What I think is irrelevant to whether he gets one or not. However I want him to get one just so I can laugh at the “I am going to tear up my membership” crowd.

I hope they film and post it. Watching people trying to tear plastic membership cards would be hilarious.

do you think he should get another year? What is your opinion on the matter

Why do you care?

It’s an Essendon forum where people discuss things. I’m actually interested in your opinion on the matter

I can see him getting a rookie spot.

James Kelly
Brent Stanton
Jobe Watson

Yestin Eades
Heath Hocking
Ben Howlett
Jackson Merrett
Alex Morgan
Jake Long
Shaun McKernan

Available list spots:
Senior: 7
Rookie: 3

The most logical list changes (aside from the retirees) are:


Is there a limit to how long you can keep a player on a rookie list? Long’s 3rd season on the RL, not played a game this year, if so he’d be under scrutiny. Bird has been dudded this season no doubt. He might decide to try his luck elsewwhere which I would completely understand. Worsfold must not rate him that highly if he has kept bringing Howlett back in, who has been a loyal servant of the club but looks pretty much done at AFL level. With the experience leaving you could make a reasonable argument for Bird getting another year, but if the coach doesn’t see him as part of the plan then best to let him go…

If McKernan got another year last year I could see him getting another this year given the status of our ruck stocks. Give Draper another year to get closer to ready.


I am not sure because I do not have the metrics the club assess the players with. His year hasn’t been the best but is that enough to say we do not need him?

What we do not need to do is gut our 28+ playing group and leave us short on particular leadership types as well as role playing types.

Benny has been a reasonable player in the past, inconsistent but still overall a positive addition to the team. He and the other suspended players have struggled getting back into the game, it has changed quite a bit in just the one year out and they are finding it hard to get back into it. Looking at how Hurls has struggled the last few weeks is showing that.

Do we just cast them aside because of that or do we persist for one more year?

Personally I would keep him for one more year as a depth player when weighing all things up. If a young player takes his spot and he spends the year at VFL, then so be it. But if the young players are struggling themselves or injured, then Benny would be handy just not spectacular.


I think we’ll keep one of bird or howlett. Which one we go with i have no idea but based on team selection this year we’ll keep howlett and flick the bird.
Personally id go the other way
On a side note, geez our list will be a lot younger next year…thats a lot of experience out the door in one year

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