Local Footy 2018

That time of the year again.

Some have probably already started but most will start tomorrow.

As for me, as I enter my 17th season of waving the flags, I’m starting well, off to St. Bernards tomorrow as they host Monash Blues.

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Our first game isn’t for another 3 Saturday’s. Pretty late start to the season.

I see Port Fairy FNC is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

Long time! Older than a fair whack of AFL clubs, including EFC, and certainly older than nearly every English soccer club, and by extension, all European soccer clubs which had the game imported there by British railwaymen.

Warrnambool FNC was founded in 1861. Melbourne and Geelong in 1858-59.

Does anyone have a local footy scores iPhone app that they’re using? I used Fox Sports Pulse last year, allowed me to track a few leagues fixtures, results, ladders in one place but it hasn’t been updated this year &?old version kept crashing. Apparently not compatible with the current iOS.

There’s Team App.
AFL Yarra Ranges also has its own app

What did you do Saturdays before that?

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Had a decent year so far.

3 games at the Snakepit and 2 C grade games (at Marcellin and PEGS). Seem to be umpiring well. With 70 goalies on the Ammo list this year, the competition is quite tight for spots.

Went to my first Hampden League game for 2018 yesterday, up at Bushfield about 8-10km north of the Bool on the Mortlake road. Port Fairy undefeated and North Warrnambool Eagles without a win. Good conditions, but with a middling crosswind about 25kmh.

PF without their CC Dan Nicholson (was #26 at Melbourne for a few years earlier this decade) and another key forward.

North up by 8 points at half-time but only 1 goal each to about the 23 minute mark of the last, but two big marks and goals by Port in the last minutes.

Couple of Hampden League games are played under lights at both Cobden and Hamilton.

I just saw this on the 3AW website . What a joke ,hey ?

Country footy captain reported for spraying his own players

The captain of a country footy side has been reported and will front the tribunal for giving his own players a spray at half time.

As reported in the Geelong Advertiser, Bannockburn FC captain Brad Watts used language the umpires found offensive, when addressing his players during the game against Thomson on the weekend.

Brad told Tom Elliott he didn’t even realise the umpires had heard his fiery speech.

“I used a bit of colourful language, I thought it was just in-house, we were in a huddle on our own,” Brad said.

“I wasn’t even aware at the time that the umpires had heard.

“Blokes swear throughout the game and it gets overlooked, I’ll feel a bit ripped off if I do miss any games because of it.”

Brad was offered a one-match ban after the match, however, will fight the charge at the tribunal.


They used to have umpires like that in the Ammos.

There was one father/son combo who were lay preachers, and heaven help you if you’re a district team playing a school old boys team. Any language at all and you were sent off for 15 minutes. Didn’t have to be audible to anybody but the umpire.

Paz or AN10,
What’s the history of not being able to drink at the ammo’s while the game is on?
Has that always been the case or something they have just brought in?

I would have thought that would be a good earner for most of the clubs.

My old club joined the Amateurs in 1981. Were never allowed to drink outside.

And I don’t think it was wowserism. Too many issues with too many drunks, even though the grammar school boys were drunk on Pimms.

There used to be a crew head over to the Middle Park Hotel, and (sometimes) come back before the end.

Crowd Brawls in the 80’s and then later in the early in the early 90’s, the league had enough and said no drinks until after senior game finishes. Although these days you can host a function (approved by the league) between 12 - 2 every home game. That get’s a lot of thirsty patrons through the arvo.

Reckon No31 nailed it. It hasn’t hurt the clubs seemingly that much. That and not having to pay players or charge entry fees!

What hurts Ammo clubs is the competition with clubs who do have alcohol, pay players and charge to go! Take Werribee Districts and Point Cook who have both crossed to the WRFL in recent years.

There is a bit happening. Was just reading tonight about the match between Point Cook and Yarraville-Seddon, where the match was abandoned due to the field umpire unfortunately having a seizure. both clubs rightly awarded 2 points. Hope he’s ok.

And as for the Ammos, the works at Elsternwick Park are closer to being finished than they were a year ago. New change rooms, administration block and the ability to have a media centre…along with a playing surface that is pristine for once! There is a lot of talk about removing the golf course and the construction of a dedicated 3rd oval for Old Melburnians. The Umpires Pavillion will need work and the 1985 era scoreboard!

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Random question but has anyone from around Stawell seen or heard much about Josh and Ben Davis?

Follow up on this story ; BANNOCKBURN captain Brad Watts has escaped suspension after being reported for giving his teammates an old fashioned half time bake.
He was offered a one match ban ,but ended up just being reprimanded.

You beauty. Finally , a sensible outcome. ( insert some happy profanities here !!! )


Some great games in the Ammos next week:

Premier B sees St. Bernards (3rd) hosting University Blacks (2nd).
Premier C sees the undefeated sides Fitzroy (2nd) hosting Williamstown CYMS (1st)

I went down to Gardens Oval to watch the Hamilton Kangaroos take on Port Fairy.

Daniel Nicholson came back from his injured foot but kicked exclusively with his left foot (far better than most players can kick on their preferred foot) but did end with 2.5.

Hamilton are much taller than PF but Port ended up winning by 13 points with Hamilton goaling on the final siren.

Decent crowds at country games. Quality fang and they do serve beer during the games.

Over to the answer to a good VFL/AFL trivia question next week.

Three players, Leon Cameron, Cowboy Neale and Jono Brown are the only 3 players to end on 256 games. What else do they have in common?
All come from South Warrnambool, as does Wayne Schwass who played 280-odd. McCluggage started his career there too (probably played his junior junior footy in the district league at Allansford, about 10km east).

Isn’t Nicholson left footed? (Presuming the ex-Melbourne bloke)

No, but very two-sided.