Local Footy 2018

Umpired Old Geelong v PEGS at Geelong Grammar yesterday. Comfortable win to the home side. Fitzroy proved too strong for Willi CYS at Brunswick St. Should set them up to return to Premier B next season.

Noted that Eastern FL are now the best community competition in Victoria, knocking off Geelong FL at Etihad last night.

Next season it will be Eastern v Northern in the top match-up, with Geelong FL falling to 3rd overall.

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Hampden League, with Jono Brown as coach, beat Bendigo League by a couple of goals in Warrnambool.

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Apologies, @Eastie_Boi1. I saw him in the coffee shop today and asked him. He tried to claim he’s two-sided but admitted to being predominantly left-footed.

They had a good win down at Portland after 2 successive narrow losses at home to the other two top teams, Koroit and Camperdown.

South Warrnambool hosted Warrnambool under lights on Saturday (in the midst of the terrible weather) and lost 3 goals to 1.

Port have had a swag of key players out injured and after a close three quarters against Koroit, lost any ascendancy with the one terrible decision of the day when theKoroit FF was awarded a mark that went 5 metres up and 5 metres down. It was the difference in the game.


The ammos have had some big games of late and last saturday’s top of the table clash in B Grade was one of the most anticipated.

St. Bernards v Old Carey at the Snakepit. Carey won the round 2 match at their rather big home ground. But, they couldn’t handle the Snowdogs at Buckley St.

Steve McCarthy, a veteran field umpire and a well loved one at that, will this week take the field at Ormond in Division 1 for his 700th game…all in the field.


Nicholson was the bearded full-back with the Nathan Jones haircut yeah?

Isn’t it also because (historically) ammos played on Sundays?

No…cleancut sort of guy, about 183cm and 82kg. Utility.

No…always Saturday with the one game each Sunday played at Elsternwick Park…but I only remember one Sunday game. I’m not even sure that Sunday game is or was a regular occurrence.

Wrong/different Nicholson

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You are thinking of Alastair Nicholson who is now the Head of the Austrailan Cricketers Players Association. He was front and centre in the cricket pay negoiations last year.

Best memory of him was playing in the 2000 AFL Grand Final!

He lined up on Hird when he was forward - Not surprisingly he struggled.

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Big match this weekend is on one of the biggest grounds in footy.

Premier C sees Old Geelong (3rd) host Fitzroy (2nd) at Como Park. Just percentage separates them both.

But, many eyes will be on the D1 match at Ormond, who host Preston. A special day ensues for veteran field umpire Steve McCarthy, who will have his 700th game (all in the field!). Onya Macca.

Couple of shock results in the Hampden League.

Undefeated Koroit travelled the short distance to Bushfield to take on Winless North Warrnambool… and lost…by a point, after trailing by 5 goals at 3/4 time.

Second placed Camperdown lost to Terang-Mortlake and Port Fairy smashed Cobden in Cobden to regain second spot. Starting to get some players back, Port, after losing close ones to the top two sides.

VAFA B-D4 had to fight off a determined WAAFL challenge at Sandringham yesterday winning 60-44.

The last rep game for the Ammos is underwayt up at Ballarat as the VAFA Under 19’s take on the Victorian Country Under 19s in the curtain-raiser to Victorian Metro v Victorian Country.

Half-time in that match sees the Ammos 36 to Vic Country 18.

Bit of a sad story this one.

Under 19s umpire in the Southern Footy League yesterday paid a free kick and a 50m penalty. the offending player took it upon himself to punch the umpire, leaving the umpire with a cut lip.

The Ammos would achieve a clean sweep in rep footy.

Whilst Vic Country would outclass Vic Metro in the Community Cup.

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Even when I played, I never understood why players/supporters got so angry at umpires at local level. Twice at one club I played at (won’t name the club, but they did have a history of this sort of behaviour) I had to restrain people from getting physical with an umpire.

It’s absolutely not on, said player should get a lifetime ban. No room for that in local sports.

VAFA Premier, Premier B Premier C will have a rest next weekend (to create split finals). All other grades…Divisions 1-4, Under 19s and Thirds will continue and the Womens will start finals.

Highlight matches next week:

Division 1: Preston Bullants (5th) v Hampton Rovers (1st)
Division 2: Old Paradians (2nd) v UHS-VU (1st)
Division 3: Westbourne (4th) v Manningham (3rd)
Division 4: South Melbourne (5th) v South Mornington (4th)
U/19 Premier: Beaumaris (4th) v Old Xaverians (1st)
U/19 Premier Reserve: Old Scotch (1st) v St. Bernards (3rd); De La Salle (5th) v Old Xaverians (2nd)
U/19 2: Williamstown CYMS (2nd) v St. Bedes Mentone (4th)
U/19 3: Old Brighton (2nd) v Old Trinity (3rd)
U/19 4: N/A
U/19 5: Old Paradians (2nd) v Aquinas (1st)
Premier Thirds: Old Xaverians Black (1st) v St. Kevins Gold (3rd)
Thirds Section 2: De La Salle (1st) v Old Trinity (4th)
Thirds Section 3: Mazenod (3rd) v Old Carey (2nd)
Thirds Section 4: Chadstone (5th) v Hawthorn Amateurs (1st)
Thirds Section 5: Swinburne University (5th) v Kew (2nd)

Meanwhile the Premier top 4 looks like this: Collegians, St. Kevins and Old Brighton are all safe inside…but just 3.5 wins separates Old Trinity in 4th and St. Bedes Mentone in 10th.

Premier B sees St. Bernards, Old Carey and University Blacks are the top 3 with Beaumaris 2 games clear in 4th. The bottom 4 sides: Old Haileybury, AJAX, Mazenod and Monash Blues are separated by 1 game and percentage.

Premier C sees Williamstown CYMS clear of Fitzroy by a win. There is then a 4 win break to Old Geelogn and Old Camberwell, who are both 2 wins clear of Old Ivanhoe, Marcellin and PEGS. With St. Marys Salesian already set for the drop to Division 1, the other spot is between Old Mentonians and Peninsula, separated by percentage.

Had the Premier C match of the day yesterday at windy and wet Williamstown yesterday between CYs and Fitzroy.

Despite the conditions, a great and hard fought game ensued knowing that the 2nd semi final is a fortnight away.

Highlight matches next week:

Premier: Collegians v Old Trinity; Old Xaverians v Old Brighton
Premier B: nil
Premier C: Old Geelong v Williamstown CYMS
Division 1: Hampton Rovers v Ormond (2nd Semi); Therry Penola v Prahran Assumption (1st Semi)
Division 2: UHS-VU v Old Paradians (2nd Semi); Whitefriars v Yarra Valley (1st Semi)
Division 3: Glen Eira v Hawthorn (2nd Semi); Westbourne v Aquinas (1st Semi)
Division 4: North Brunswick v Parkside (2nd Semi); St. Francis Xavier v South Melbourne (1st Semi)