Local Footy 2020

Well could we see local footy in 2020?

The first pointer to a return in July might be the statement released today AFL Victoria.

Training return on May 25.

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Clubs have have 10 people training at a time until the end of this month. Next month they might be able to have 20.

Vic government isn’t setting dates on anything so there’s no way amateur sports can put dates on things. It’s still gonna be “wait and see” for another 6-8 weeks.

It’s going to be interesting how this works, because if local footy does get allowed, they’ll probably have to strike a deal with local cricket competitions.

You’d expect that the logical thing would be both have delayed starts, significantly shorter seasons, and aim to have things back on kilter for 2022 (2022/23 for Cricket). But from my experiences with both local footy and cricket, something tells me that won’t happen.

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Unless crowds are able to go I’d be surprised if any local footy was played. It would send clubs to the wall.


Agree, when not playing I assume clubs can pretty much not incur costs like insurance, staff, council fees etc. Not sure what a local club looks like financially, a bummer for players, especially kids, so maybe they get some youth games going

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This. No crowds, no local/country football.

Would depend on the club and the league you would imagine.

Highly doubtful our local league goes ahead. Without gate takings, canteen and bar sales it would just not be worth it. Most clubs don’t have the volunteer numbers either to ensure games can be played as all clubs were sent an email what needs to be done and it’s just way too much work coupled with threats of fines for up to $50k for individuals or $250k for clubs. Might be easier just to pack it in and start fresh next year


Grounds will be in mint condition for the start of cricket season.


I hope they bin footy off for 2020. Footy clubs treat cricket clubs with disdain. If the shoe was on the other foot they would not accommodate cricket. See you in 2021 local footy! :wave:

Our local cricket clubs have already told the football association and clubs that the season needs to finish at the normal time or look elsewhere to play. Cricket will not be starting later

A lot of local cricket comps already lost grand finals last season.

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Most clubs in my local league, don’t want to start up, can’t afford to pay players with limited (if any) sponsors, functions and bar sales. Common theme across the state city and country I’m told…

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That’s a very good point. Very few will be profitable without bar and food takings from crowds being there to watch the games. Even if they capped attendance to 50% of normal, that would have a significant impact. The mercenary players will still want their coin, but clubs could go to the wall…

Yep. Already heard of about 5 or 6 clubs in SA who are pulling the pin and several leagues who are voting in the coming weeks. Can’t see ours going ahead, we have a 9 team comp and 7 of them have turf cricket wickets and the local turf comp has rightfully not backed down and will take over the ovals mid September. That means if the country leagues start in July like the government is predicting we would have a 8 round season plus finals. Hardly worth the hassle

Plus in our case the local councils charge the clubs lease fees and water rates etc if the ground is being used. With no football the local councils are waiving all fees

Ammos and Superules should get underway

For an 8-round season, I’d just go a single game , or maybe 2-game, final series, and extend home and away out to (No. of teams - 1) rounds, or, as many as feasible.

Might have to. If July 4th is round 1 as is being hinted at a 8 round minor round where everyone plays each other once plus a bye round takes us to August 29th. 2 finals takes us to September 12th which allows cricket to take over

Reid Oval is about the only one affected in Warrnambool. There are a few grounds where cricket and football don’t share, Port Fairy and South Warrnambool for starters. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the first 2 or 3 cricket rounds are played on hard wickets anyway, not that I’ve been around for the start of the last couple of seasons.