Lockdown 2021 Watch-Along - 2000 Round 4

Lets cure the lockdown blues and have a watch along tomorrow night.

Voting closes 5.30PM for a 8.00 start.

  • Hawks Round 4 2000
  • ANZAC Day 2001
  • Eagles Round 1 1994
  • Footscray Round 19 2004
  • Bin Chickens Round 15 2009
  • Fark Carlton 2008

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If we get enough interest we’ll do 2nd place on Sunday night.

Edit: Footscray is actually 2003

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I don’t remember round 4 of 2000, but I know we win the first 20 games of that year, so let’s fark Hawforn!

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The game vs Footscray is 2003, isn’t it?

The game where Lloyd kicked 11, right?

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Yes, but if i edit it we lose the poll.

But yes its that game

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Fark Carlton Round 3 2008 was a fantastic game. That was a great era of footy, even though we were at “Peak Essington”

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A look over the squad from that day supports that theory

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I’m always gonna vote anything from 2000/01

@frosty stop breaking the rules and voting twice

Edit: That’s better!

FC and Whorethorn getting the early votes.

Hawthorn game racing ahead

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What? I changed my vote, but didn’t think I voted twice at any stage…??

I first thought “stuff it, full knighter attack with Lovett going crazy”, but then thought 2000, any 2000 is going to be better than the anything to do with Matthew “I’m excited about Jay Neagle’s explosiveness” Knights.

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Lucas kicked a goal with his right foot.

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Was Carlton 2008 where Lovett streamed through the middle of the ground with Carrazzo (it’s Italian for turnover) trying to give chase?

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I think that’s a day game later in the year

That’d be the one when Lloyd and that JAGGAD ■■■■■■■■ knocked each other out.

I remember the 2000 Hawthorn game and I think it’s actually a bit of a four goal win non-event.

Sounds dreamy


Pretty sure it was a night game, kicking to the punt road end.

FC needs a big late push.

You in for time lord duties @theDJR ?

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And its round 4 2000 vs Hawthorn

Start your YT’s at 8 o’clock. Pause at the end of each quarter and await instructions from the time lord.

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