Looking for bombers games in full 1990-1992


I am looking for the following Essendon games, in full. I already have the tv replays for each of these, but am trying to get the complete game.

The games i am looking for are:

1990 r5 v Geelong at VFL Park
r6 v Collingwood at MCG
r7 v Carlton at Windy Hill
r8 v Footscray at Western Oval
r9 v St Kilda at Windy Hill
r11 v West Coast at Windy Hill
r15 v Hawthorn at Princes Park
1991 r15 v Footscray at Western Oval
r20 v Sydney at Windy Hill
1992 r4 v Collingwood at VFL Park
r12 v Richmond at MCG
R16 V St Kilda at MCG

Please note that none of these games can be obtained through name a game/sports delivered.

If anyone can assist me with any of these games, then i would really love to hear from you

thank you

David Barham may be able to point you in the right direction.

Hi crawfie1971,

I can help you with Rnd 11 v Eagles Windy Hill

Have a couple of others too in full that you may already have that you haven’t mentioned if you’re interested in those too.