Looking for some old Bombers games


Thanks to those who’ve got in touch to help me out so far, you guys are legends! Still looking for these if anyone else has them:

-Rd 14 2008, Ess vs Freo
-Rd 4 2007, Ess vs StK
-Rd 16 2005, Ess vs Coll
-Rd 10 2005, Ess vs WB
-Rd 8 2005, Ess vs Freo
-Rd 3 2005, Ess vs Haw

Still also chasing a lot of games earlier than these. Go Bombers!


I’ve found the 2008 game against Freo thanks to a very helpful Bombers fan. Still looking for the others, particularly the Saints and the Collingwood games!


Late 1960’s s game at Windy Hill
Magpies undefeated beaten by the bombers
Gerlach swept across to mark in front of Peter McKenna
Anyone have it?


Considering video recorders only arrived very late 70s, you might be pushing poo uphill on that last one.


Yes i know but would love to see it


Not super related but I was linked a site a whole ago with round by round replays for the last few years, I think the url was just an IP address. Anyone have this link to send to me? Would be highly appreciated


Last game of 1972 would be one i’d like to see. We pipped Collingwood by a goal or so. WH was jam packed. The Hon Hugh Delahunty MHR kicked a couple of late goals. Needed to win that to make the finals.


It was a thing of beauty. He was a rare talent.


But the game mentioned - we were near the bottom and the pies were unbeaten. In the last fee minutes McKenna made a perfect lead and Gerlach cut a cross sideways and marked it
We would have lost
I think Geoff Blethyn played that day
An unlikely incredible win
The crowd went absolutely ape


The now defunct Name A Game should’ve become a streaming service. Plenty would pay monthly and just watch any game they want.


There’s a torrent for the 05 Collingwood game I’m looking for on a site who’s name I won’t mention here, but I can’t get anyone to seed it so it won’t download. Does anybody have access to a copy of this game at all???


Just need to ask for a re seed in either the shout box, . or probably preferably in the “Ask for a Re Seed” thread. :+1:


I’ve tried that several times but haven’t had any luck. Not that the site appears to be working at the moment anyway