Looking for some old Bombers games

Purchased this game on DVD last year. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Two massive clubs at the peak of their powers, enormous crowd, and a fitting result. A fantastic standard of footy from a bygone era.

@DiveBomber might be a long shot, but you don’t have any other games from that era do you?

Is this really an issue for old games? I understand current games would but if they aren’t available any other way, then what would be the problem? Has anyone been asked to take down games or had them taken down?

Would be great to have an archive of these old classic games on youtube or similar, full games and not just highlights.

Do you have Kayo? They have a section called classic games, this one is currently available. Don’t know how long, I think they get removed after a while.

Other classics they are currently showing:

  • Ess vs WC 2004 (the James hird epic final quarter)
  • Ess vs Hawks 2004 (line in the sand game)
  • Ess vs GWS 2015 (don’t remember it, was this a classic?)
  • Ess vs Pies 2009 Anzac day

Wish I could download and keep them somehow

@goon_squad the YouTube channel ‘Classic AFL Matches’ used to have tonnes of old games, they have all since been removed for copyright reasons and now the channel has only a handful of ‘Last 10 Minutes’ videos of close games. I’m not willing to risk it.

Just out of interest, what is the actual risk ??

Don’t they just take things that are brought to their attention down?

Well since a fairly rude and discourteous admin shut down my attempt to start this thread afresh, I guess I have no choice but to bump this one up again.

Since I first made this original post back in May I have been able to track down the 2008 Freo game and the 2005 WB game. Still looking for the rest, as well as a bunch of others from the late 90s and early 2000s.

Seriously, do you ever give up?

Mate get in touch with ‘rare_essendonfc_videos’ on Instagram. This guy seems to have access to every game from about 1981 and regularly posts highlights and passages of play. It’s left field but I reckon it’s your best chance.

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Rumour has it that it’s actually Sheedy’s son, or nephew, old pool boy or TAB lackey

@Alan_Noonan_10 Just like the Bombers, no I don’t give up. If you’ve got a problem with that, don’t read the thread

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