Looking forward - round one v sydney

Im treating this topic as we will be going in full strength, which i believe we will. And i think the majority think too

It’ll be interesting to see how the team gels without a game together. It’ll go one of two ways. We’ll get flogged, or the hunger and determination after we have been cleared will be enough to get us over the line.

Ashby round one for mine. Reward the good pre season form. Tempted to pick orazio too, we need zip around goals and geez he was good v melbourne

My guess is our senior players will all be as rusty as hell. It’ll be high energy, low quality, and the line “worked hard but nothing they tried quite came off” will get trotted out. Sydney seem to be keeping up their record of starting the season slowly, so maybe we’ll run into a similarly rusty team.

Hard not to pick Ashby, but at the same time it’s the most competitive spot on our list. Agree on Orazio, although that might just be because I think we desperately need a small forward.

Hopefully Jack and Franklin don’t get up

We play the SCG much better than the shithole that is ANZ. If we’re full strength, we’ll get close. Not worried about lack of game time.

l think it will be a close game, We will be competitive.

Who replaces Hocking is another important question.

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Saw this at family day and loved it!
Was wondering when they would share it.
Thanks for posting.

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Saw this at family day and loved it! Was wondering when they would share it. Thanks for posting.

Whoever does these is putting together some great work. Really creates an atmosphere.

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Who replaces Hocking is another important question.

Problems. Heater may be out for more than one game … My choice of tagger would probably be Melk. Howlett or maybe Kav. to tag a Parker . Radical alternative Ambrose, who is a tackling animal, with a huge tank, but lacks acceleration so would probably only be selected to tag a taller midfielder eg. Kennedy.

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looks like gwilty might be getting a few games

Imagine ambrose just smashing their midfield to pieces at stoppages!!

Dons by 74.

How bad was buddy today. Any chance of missing?

Looked bad, swans have said he and Jack suffered no injury, or by that I gues no lasting injuries.

If we beat Sydney, LID OFFFFFFF

But in all seriousness, we might be a light around the contest with both Ashby and Raz in- people will also want Gleeson and Langford in.

Not that I don’t rate any of the above, Sydney are a lot more hardened than ■■■■■■ Melbourne.

Everyone relax. We win.
By 25