Lou Richards pulls the pin

Collingwood legend Lou Richards has turned up the toes at 94.

R.I.P Louie the Lip.
It was a fine life you lived


Said to be a compassionate player.

Claimed himself that he put iodine on his boot stops, so the players he kicked wouldn’t get infected.

I believe his playing career finished at Windy Hill.

Loved his call of the '84 Grand Final. They don’t make them like that anymore.


His commentary from back in the day, puts the modern day callers to shame. Had a good turn of phrase.


I liked him towards the end of the first quarter of the prelim.

He said that we were only 3 goals up, having dominated, and Collingwood were still in it.

Bob Skilton responded with “they’re kicking into a fair wind though, Lou”. We kicked 3 more for the quarter, then 9 goals to one in the second.


Sad news. RIP Louie

My childhood included Lou every Sunday.

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I can’t recall the prelim. Will try to find it.

Loved his “Ohhhh They’re killing them” and “This is Sheedy’s flag” lines from the last quarter. Reckon he was going for the Dons that day.


Used to enjoy his Kiss of Death column in the Sun. The way he’d light heartedly hail all the players in the team he was tipping to win and pot the players in the team he was tipping against. Memory is a bit hazy, but I’m sure it was Gary Baker who he said gets winded playing chess.


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And the AFL still won’t make him a Hall of Fame legend.

Loved sitting up til the early morn waiting for League Teams with Jack and Bob. Lots of laughs ,the occasional recipe and Lou reminiscing about Joycey Boccabella at the Collingwood Town Hall dance.

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I look back on that era with fondness. Loved his style.


I’m not ancient like you cats but I used to love the handball on 9 on a Sunday morning when I was a kid.

Seemed like a decent fella.


Fair innings. As SMJ said, I loved that handball comp too

RIP Lou.

He was small but pretty solid. Looked robust during his playing days.

Don’t know about sad, … more expected??

94 is a fair bl00dy innings, and he never wanted for a dollar once he started in footy, and then had a life filled with success, fame & accolades. We should all be so lucky.

Part of my childhood every weekend, and Lou Landy & Mike Williamson, will never be held a candle to by any of the post 2000 TV footy calling cocksmacks.

Also, … it says much about the man, that he was the only high profile Collingwood person that I didn’t consider an absolute flog, & actually enjoyed hearing.

You made the most of everything that came your way in life Louie, and many young today could do worse than take a leaf.


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Sad day, a very likeable fella and loved his commentary. These muppets calling the game now could learn a thing or two by sitting down and listening to some of his calls.
He was also coined the phrase “Windy Hill” for our home ground and it stuck. RIP Lou


Is that right? Didn’t know that.

The we moved to gale plains.