Loving the club

Genuine question, when was the last time you loved the club for who they are verses who they were? I’m not talking one game, I mean over a significant period of a season.
I can’t remember personally, probably 2003 if pressed.

I’ll forever pay my membership as I find the idea of sending a message to the club by cancelling when they rely on those fees to survive perplexing, but at the same time that’s really the only reason why I don’t cancel.
It’s so terribly sad where we are as a club, even sadder to know we don’t have tbe nous or fortitude to help bring s slec of light to the end of the tunnel.




the club is amber heard
the supporters are johnny depp.

we are all like, ok she ■■■■ on my pillow but we still love her, cos that’s what we are suppose to do.

the end.


Despite the external dramas of 2013-14 (which was no fault of the playing list at the time), I have good memories of this time and loving/being proud of the club.

Since then? Some moments in 2016 when we had nothing to play for besides club pride. But that’s about it.


I think the season they came back from the suspension… ever since I feel like I’m in a toxic relationship with an ex that I keep breaking up and getting back together with.


I love this club, it’s the only club I will ever love and I hope we get better, and I will keep hoping and believing until I die.


When Hird was coaching and we were having some inspirational wins in 2013 was probably the last time I was proud to be a supporter. The huge outcry of support for him was a testiment to the fans loving him. Before that in the 2003-2004 period when Hird, Lloyd and Lucas made games worth going to, not that I went to many as a 12 year old. Around that time you always thought we’d be back near the top 4, just needed Rioli, Cupido and a few others to get their form back (which never happened).


Why? It’s a genuine question, if you were born in 2002 onwards you’d have no memory of success.
If you were born in 86 then we’d have been poor for a larger percentage of your life than not.

I’ve fallen out of love with them at the moment, how could a kid who’s family don’t support football fall in love with them?

I’m unequivocally with you.


I actually started to fall back in love and start to trust the club again last year tbh. I could see what a Rutten was trying to do, the players were ultra competitive most weeks and we seemed to have a on actual game plan. Probably the most positive i had been about the future of the club for a long long time

Then Round 1 happened, and it’s gotten worse since then


2013 Anzac Day.

2018 and last year they tempted me back but always crapped themselves when it looked possible.

People who support their club/team only when they’re winning are stupid loser wankers.

We are really ■■■■ right now and if that’s why you wanna stop supporting the team then fine but if we ever come good (obviously a massive if), don’t bother calling yourself a supporter.


Time for @darkknightpheonix to chime in

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I’d bring him back as coach as a sign that we are going to stand up for once and ■■■■ anyone who has a problem with it.


He can’t- X and old Brasher are still hanging around.

were they competitive against port ?
brisbane ?
geelong ?
etc etc

again up until rd 20 ish ( and then playing GC, Collingwood and dogs) they were 4th worst defensive side.
coast to coast goals were an issue, defensive stuff was an issue.
the only real difference is stringer was in red hot form and parish was getting high numbers (and most supporters didn’t care about the poor quality cos 40 dispoals ).

the only real difference is, we’ve played deccent teams so far this yea and the ■■■■ sides from last year have improved.

we weren’t that great last year, it’s just the draw deluded so many supporters and evidently alot at the club.

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Before we moved to this place…and yes i do think its ontop of an ancient burial ground.


That’s not what anyone is saying….


2016, because despite everything you knew those blokes would have a crack no matter what.


BBBBQs are good.