Luckiest near misses


Did you ever go to the Sunbury Pop Festival?


Yes. l went to the first two, 1972 & 1973. Tipped at both of them.


Do you have any pictures? I know my Dad went to
1973, not sure about 1972. As well as anyone else in the thread if you have any pictures of the Sunbury Pop Festival 1973 would be awesome.


l had some pictures of 1973, but l am o/s right now and unlikely to locate them any time soon.


Sweet, no rush. Just read your story. Reminded me of my Dad, that’s all.


I was at the first two, but was stoned at the first and drunk at the second, all I remember is Thorpie and Phil Mannng.


The second one turned into Bogan central, due to Thorpie and the amount of alcohol there.


Anyone who rides a motorcycle and doesn’t get hurt = this thread.


I very much enjoyed the second one. Although we avoided the drunken bogans. We took temple balls and californian sunshines with us, proudly raised a flag with the symbol of Gandalf over our tent full of topless young girls, and had an absolute ball.


Wish l had known you then. I went with two mates to the second one. Brothers, one older than me, one younger. The younger one went for a swim in the creek at the bottom of the ravine. Dived in from a tree and broke his nose on a rock he couldn’t see. He was lucky it wasn’t his neck.


Certainly a fair bet my experience was superior to yours. We had the full sex drugs and rock and roll thing happening. Actually sitting here grinning like an idiot just thinking about it.


Did you have much to do with Molly back in the day, ‘boot?


Back in the '80s one of my party tricks was to go car-hopping where I would run along and on top of a row of parked cars, jumping from boot to roof to bonnet to boot to roof to bonnet to boot etc…

I thought it was a good idea to try this after midnight in the Bowery District of New York back when it had a reputation for danger & sleaze. My stunt came to a swift end when a bunch of Latinos ran out from a bar and a big guy grabbed me in both hands screaming that I had damaged his pride & joy.

I was a bit inebriated & casually told him not to worry about it & that everything was just fine. He seemed shocked & immediately let me go. We walked away unscathed as they kinda backed away.

In retrospect they had probably just seen Crocodile Dundee & my antipodean accent reminded them of bush knives & bad endings.


A little wim. Went to some of the same places, knew some of the same people, but he was a tad limp wristed (very girlie with a penchant for young blonde boys) for me at the time. Very nice bloke though.


Am I bad for thinking he was referring to ‘molly’ as drugs?


If he was, and he was referring to MDMA, the answer is tried it a couple of times, wasn’t a fan.


I’m actually watching the miniseries, a year late, right now.
Thought ‘boot might have travelled in similar circles.


You dirty old man !!!


I assure you I was much much dirtier as a young man!


Because you could do something about it then!?