Lunchtime Catch Up Draft and Rookie Podcast Wrap Up

We are back after a month off!!!

Here is our latest Essendon Draft and Rookie selection Podcast wrap up.



Legends… cheers for the content. Will give it a listen tonight.

Cheers Sam

Hope you like it

Ta for sharing this. Enjoyed listening to it very much. Plenty of optimism, excitement and anticipation surrounding these new, young additions to the club.

Thanks for the feedbackđź‘Ť

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Great show :+1::+1:

Cheers guys

Thanks guys, great show…


I’m calling it now.

Essendon vs Melbourne Grand Final.
Book mark it.


Loved it…

A great listen, a couple of passionate bombers fans catching up on the draft, thanks!

Well worth a listen.

‪Please click on the below ITunes link to hear our recent Draft @LunchCatchUp Podcast review…looking at our 4 new players at Essendon ‬


Really enjoyed listening while I walked my border collie. Another great show.

Thank you

Sun arvo hair of the dog beer and another quality podcast. Cheers, guys.

The first podcast l have been able to access. l couldn’t get it to play in China even with a VPN. The funny thing is ere in Sumatra, l was able to listen to the whole thing, but now l can’t open the VPN. Weird stuff.

As for the content? Full on, lid off.
Go Bombers.

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I haven’t been this excited since I was a kid.

I was 15 years old in 1999. A couple of games into that 1999 season, I realised we were the real deal.

I feel like this now.


I hear yađź‘Ť

A lovely tribute to Timmy Sim. Thanks, Scoot.