Lunchtime Catch Up Dreamtime review with Rohan Connolly

Lunchtime CatchUp Podcast Is out now. We Discuss the Essendon v Richmond Dreamtime game with guest Rohan Connolly …and a 10 minute discussion on the history of Rock just for fun at the end. Always a great listen with Roco


Will post ITunes link soon as well

ITunes link here


Dea is pronounced like Tea not Day. :wink:

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I always get it wrong with Dea for some reason

Haha! You guys are awesome, keep it up. :+1:

Great show guys… Love RoCo too - more than just a sports journo.

Good stuff boys! Makes you wonder if Stewart and Smack were the ones not obeying instructions (and what Smith was talking about)

Geez you guys loved Stringers game! Finally showing his preseason form.

And lav.

The forward issue highlights our playerd lack of awareness discipline and footy IQ.

I agree. It’s just bizarre that you have a group of men going against coaches instructions consistently. I wonder what Corrigan’s role in this being forward coach

Missed your opportunity to say, “I always get it wrong with Dea for some raisin”.

Like the podcast, but not the ‘sponsors’.

Think the movie would be extremely frustrating to watch. I would probably end up screaming at the screen!

You guys seem very relaxed, especially chatting about the music.
Thanks for Getting Rohan on.
Still like any VFL talk.

Rance - The Dive!

Im really glad the media has had a crack at Rance this week!

Was hard to do VFL talk this week when both games were on at the same time. Hopefully will have more coverage next week. Cheers for comments

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Simple. Vfl has been better than AFL all year.


I think we were lost with Zaharakis going down.

If someone said that to me without explaining it, I’d would laugh and roll my eyes.

But having thought about what was shown on the Sunday footy show about not kicking to the target inside the centre square, when coming out of defensive 50.

The person that stands in the centre square as the link man, is Zaharakis. He is the player they go to. He opens up the play and moves the ball through the middle of the ground.
I think the defense lost confidence in kicking into the corridor because Zaka wasn’t there. The forwards lost confidence in the defense moving the ball quickly.

I’d like to see Fantasia take this role on now.

Edit: it also didn’t help that Goddard and Hurley were kicking howlers early in the match that were punished. They completely lost confidence in making the kick into the corridor.


All good points mate