Lunchtime Catch Up Easter 58 point Win Review- Was definitely a Good Friday

Here it Is!!! Our New Podcast discussing the Huge 58 point win over the Kangas in the Big Easter Clash. Podcast is up on Soundcloud(below), Itunes and Spotify.


Not working on iTunes

SoundCloud fine

Itunes working now

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ITunes link below

Loved it CJ

At some stage you need to go through each guy that played. Not a lot of under performers in that side at present. Exciting times.

Here is hoping we get an injury free run at it on Thursday to give us a fair chance of showing where we are at.

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Cheers Sam


however I don’t think you could be more wrong on McKenna, he put dusty and caddy in his pocket last year and would be our best match physically against degoey.

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Ok fair call. Can’t remember McKenna doing that but will trust your right

Thanks guys… Love the footy discussion - especially after a win.
Value your opinion but I really don’t want Parish dropped… I didn’t think he was that bad… and frustrating to have him dropped every second game.
Having said that, the last few weeks have shown me that the match committee know what they are doing… So I will trust them to make the right call.

Q: Which young player do you reckon Sheeds would bring in from the 2’s for anzac day?

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Its a pretty tough question.

I think he’d probably leave Mossie’s debut for Dreamtime.

And there aren’t a lot of boys that haven’t gotten plenty of exposure to AFL footy.

As such, if I were to guess, I’d go for Dylan Clarke.

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Yeh to be honest we were not hoping he gets dropped… more understanding the club has a history of being tough on Parish.

On the Sheeds question the first name that came to mind is Draper

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Mosquito would be a left field Sheeds moment

I reckon Sheeds would have Mozzie penciled in for Dreamtime

True, I hope they don’t drop him for anzac day… a big penalty for a slightly off game. Hope he plays and has a blinder.

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Me too… but history says its 50-50

Had a listen this morning.

Great ep! You need to fine Grant every time he calls Shiel Shield

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I think i may need too.

Thanks for support of the latest show everyone. Always a fun show after winning 3 in a row

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Spotify link below

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I keep saying it but very humbled on how many listening. Thanks again