Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast 26/05 /19 - Ok lets discuss John Worsfold

Here it is!!! You asked for it…So Let’s discuss John Worsfold. Click on the Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast below link to hear this latest show or on Itunes and Spotify


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ohh this grant goes hard

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The reason we don’t have stay at home forwards is that it requires 18 of our players to have any chance of negating 14 opposition players, from the half decent teams in the AWFUL. The other “free” opposition players then raffle any stray entry into our vacant forward line.

Yes he was fired up today. Good to see… he cares


Thanks for the great work - you keep me going. I am so sick of seeing the same mistakes over and over again. These being: no defensive running, no skills, poor goal kicking, no defensive structure from opposition kick ins, no tagging etc. Coach has to be accountable.


Thanks mate. Yes we.cant keep banging our head on the same wall year after year. All areas need to be re-assessed


I hope the club listens to this - and understands the points raised and the emotions on display are common across us supporters.

I’ve already decided not to renew my membership next year unless there are major changes made - preferably Worsfold, Harvey and Skipworth gone (at a minimum). There’s only so much I can take and this season has been the breaking point for me. Pre-season I let myself believe we were finally ready to start our flag tilt. Haaa, joke is on me I guess.


I understand a lot of the frustration…but I feel like a large part of that is from the previous 20 years. This current group of coaches/admin/etc should be not be judged on what was done pre-saga. 2016 was a write off. 2017 we had to honour saga players. From 2018 onwards they have shown we’re middle-of-the-road. There are some concerning things right now yes but I hope people don’t let what happened previously in the saga (and prior) cloud their judgment.

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I think thats a fair call Billy.

Great show again… I agree that there needs to be something done now… a full review of coaching dept…
like you say nothing changes. Week after week we keep losing and no passion from the club, just ‘meh’ and ‘learnings’.
Nice tribute at the end for Michael Long… he is also one of the reasons I feel so passionate about Ess… we didn’t need any faux marketing, or spin doctor trying to sell the club back then.


Does Grant post on Blitz, and if not, why not?

I still honestly believe that during the saga we should not been so pig headed or stubborn. ASADA only wanted some form of suspension. We simply should have said (if true) we don’t know what was given to the players due to our lack of governance so we will accept sanctions. We are not saying the players are guilty but we don’t know, so we will accept punishment. What did Cronulla get three weeks??? This sense of entitlement still exists now.

He just isn’t a big social media guy

Great episode! I loved the line how fans shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting some success

Cheers… and its true. Its ok for fans to want the club to create an environment for success

I wonder if the club thinks that now or still like the fact they didnt back down. Club were driven by players convictions… and coaches

Is grant on blitz?

Another great podcast. The key thing you nailed was that the review of the football club needs to go beyond the coaching setup. Fitness and conditioning, player development and player management also needs to be scrutinised.

There are many reasons why we are middle of the road. We need to be open to hearing how we can get better and the. Work toward making the necessary improvements. The current attitude of we are on the right path just doesn’t cut it when our infield results are so poor.

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Another great discussion and sharing of opinions and emotions. Much appreciated.
Thanks @CJohns