Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast - Anzac Day Review Essendon Will Take More Positives Overall

Here it Is!! New The Lunchtime Catch Up Anzac day review Podcast is now up. Essendon go down by 4 points on Anzac Day…but lets discuss Essendon 2019…as Today shows us Essendon are right in the mix.


Love to know your thoughts

Umpires can suck my balls

Bucks can too

Enjoyed listening.


Great listen as always. Thanks to yourself and Grant for your efforts in doing this. Awesome also that you are on Spotify now-I’m cheap so free data usage is always good.

The main thing for me out of it-going to be a bit negative here-was around Shiel. You commented about his goal kicking issues but to me his field kicking is much more of a concern. Won’t cite specific examples but I think his game was a bit overrated due to his possession count, and a couple of his mistakes really hurt us. Still great to have him at the club as he gives us elite run as you said and I’m sure his disposal will improve. Just my opinion. Thanks again.

Yeh tbh all fair points. Shiel had 10 inside 50’s… pretty much doubling everyone else so if he gets the ball use right he literally becomes a top 5 player in comp

Absolutely right and it is always easy to pick on the negatives rather than focus on the positives-we prob wouldn’t have even been in the position to win if it wasn’t for him.

Taking your goal kicking point though, I do wonder how much the pressure of him not kicking one yet is now influencing his decision making. In the 3rd, he had the ball on the 50 on the members side and had Daniher in space close to goal ready to launch and instead of swinging it across his body on his left (which seemed the easier kick) to give Joe a chance, he went for the shot and missed-see how he goes next week.

Your comments about the umpiring is spot on. Its time they are made full time, paid well and also held to account on their performance.

The way you described the emotion and build up to the booing is so much more accurate than Bucks’ version. Channel 7 then jumping on board trying to turn it into a story about Pendles is why I hate the media.

Cheers Chef…everyone in the media got very precious and didn’t see the full picture of what is happening. They get press passes to MCG members but maybe they need to sit in the outer a few times to understand tribal footy passionate fans.

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Love your work Scotty… Terrific tweeting from you yesterday too.
Thanks to you and Grant for getting the podcast out so soon after the match - Great analysis, positivity and passion. Love the way you discuss the game, players (honestly but also respectfully)… Lots of +ve’s taken out of the game…

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Wonderful CJ

I really appreciate the speed you push them out. It gives it an immediacy, and that hint of frustration and yet hope still came through.

Thanks Sam

Yes Joey will get even more awesome.

Yes we will get Raz back for more silk

Yes Dev can play a lot better

Yes we will learn from the experience and find our level sooner next time most likely, with Geelong being an excellent next test, although a couple of injury worries.

Thanks fellas, it’s great to be able to tune out from Robbo, Whately and Barrett and get some real football analysis.

It’s great that you are a part of making them even more irrelevant.

Thanks on words. Its very much appreciated

Thanks for support on our Anzac Day review show