Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast - Bombers beat Crows through defensive pressure

Another in a long line of fantastic podcasts. Particularly considering your health. I understand what you were saying about 2MP. You can’t fight the AFL and win on topics like this. And it certainly won’t be the last time these incidents occur. Great stuff CJohns!

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The player leading at the line of the ball has right of way, those coming in at an angle do so at your own peril. That will stop this ‘going back with the flight’ business, which Eddie was just saying on FC.


Here it is!!! We discuss a much tougher Essendon side achieving different type of wins for the club, Merrett’s influence as Captain and also assess each player v the Saints


Love the podcast but man Grant says some ridiculous things hahaha.

Not sure i recall anything overly weird said from him? Felt pretty chill’d review. Oh well all opinions

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This feels like youre just saying it because you don’t like the guy. Pretty normal takes from Grant on this one.


Nah I dont dislike him, he just says weird things sometimes haha.

Was referring to him calling Jack Higgins a fat little footballer who’s no good.
No big deal either way just strange haha.

loved Grants spontaneous on hold song, very quick

It was Grant’s most chill podcast, perhaps ever.

he will always troll opposition players…just have to always remember he does it with a cheeky smile. Prior to the game he told me…man is Higgines going to torch us again…he can seriously play. I see that side. He just likes trolling anyone non Essendon on the show. Not my thing personally but i leave it to him

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to your nic martin point, i think the main difference between his first and 2nd half was that he got involved in chains more, i reckon his value is more getting the ball between the arcs to try and break through the other teams zone. him working back to get the one out of our d50 to then work up the ground to get it into f50 is more effort than it should be when you have players like redman, mcgrath, ridley (when back from injury)


Fair enough, my bad then! :slight_smile:

@CJohns, I’d love you guys to put some time into unpacking the injury crisis on the show on Monday given the reoccurrences to Ridley and now Guelfi this week and then Brad Scott’s annihilation of the medical department post game.

It’s been like this for years now and the club has done nothing other than resign all the main culprits and continued to get the same outcomes.

Of all the supporters i know, everyone lists this subject as the most concerning.

Here it is!!! Rohan Connolly joins the show to discuss the poor loss to Port. It’s open, honest, passionate and forthright as always with Rohan.



This should be good.


Groundhog day… we’ve heard this episode already!!


what does grant mean with ‘not getting redmans spot’

masons been dog ■■■■

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I like the podcast scotty but gotta agree with bryce above

This stuff has been said over, and over again. Nothing changes. These players do…not…care


Doesnt mean they are going to drop him after 3 games. Some players you do let them find form as they are natural competitors and have a decent track recent track record. Maybe the discussion with Red Dog is more is he fully right physically.

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