Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- David Calthorpe discusses the day he almost drowned playing footy

Here it is!!! The day I almost drowned in the QAFL and also got into a car altercation with a player after a Tribunal hearing. This is the David Calthorpe Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Show you HAVE to hear. Don’t miss this!!!

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Itunes link also up now

Thank you. I look forward to the weekly podcasts and am about to listen to it now.

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Cheers. Its a very fun interview

Cheers for support

Awesome stuff guys. Only other thing that would have interested me is around his current feelings towards the club. He mentioned his disappointment around his treatment when he left as a player as well as when he left his non playing role with the club. Also then talked about his disillusionment with the club over the supplements saga.

With the above being said, does he still consider himself an Essendon person? Does he only attend premiership reunions or does he get involved at other times? Does he have closer connections at Bris or North? Great interview.

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We all have already agreed in the future to do a part 2 episode with David to cover a few more areas. David welcomes the idea👍

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Cheers for support too

No worries, thanks to you and Grant for the efforts. Look forward to the podcast every week

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