Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- Draft Wrap Up show with Ed Pascoe up now

I liked the sound of both those guys, especially the second guy, he was not as polished as the others but he is right that we have no many board appointed board members and it became a bit of a boys club, someone like him would keep them honest.
I loved the first guy too, he obviously knew his audience very well and played to that perfectly.
We could do a lot worse than having these 2 on the board.

Thanks C Johns.

Both candidates were good but just word’s obviously and Dunn in particular came across as the smooth talker which makes me automatically question delivery.

Pretty sure he would have no interest in engaging with your listeners in the future. Paul and Katy were really outliers in that sense, still disappointed they are not involved.

Would have liked to hear Dunn’s comments on the decision to move away from the G during his previous tenure on the Board.

I will definitely not be voting for any Board member involved in Campbells extension. Cannon, all of them.

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Thanks for that. Just finished a talk with Andrew Muir. That was quite interesting. For me it was the closest i have heard a board member say Xavier ran the show too much himself. Show out tomorrow


Yeah, He was very honest on the Sash podcast. You don’t usually hear a lot of that honesty from a current board member

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family owns good guys, like he gives a ■■■■ about upsetting some essendonians

Here it is!!! Andrew Muir is our special guest as we discuss his re-election bid to extend his time on the Essendon Board.


Cheers Marty. I can pat myself a little for a second as its been a lot of hard work but paying off getting some content i want to hear also from guests


Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the content, but it’s a bit much for Grant to claim “another exclusive for the pod” when the same people have already been interviewed on The Sash podcast.
Anyway, love your work.

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I kinda got my back up a bit when he made the ‘dwelling in the past’ comment early on but he did open up and give us some insight into Campbells tenure.

Was great to hear him banging the drum regarding development but I hope our recruiting and list management issues are not being glossed over.

I think he may have slipped up and alluded to the gender of our next CEO. Or maybe I just wanted to hear that.

I still just can’t vote for any of these incumbents. Too much failure under their watch.

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Ask about the MCG, that is all that matters.

Yeah, I thought that too.

Yeh thats fair. Andrew reached out to us some time ago but our timing was a bit later for the show. So Grant posted Andrew is coming on before he knew Andrew was also going on The Sash. I think we just refrain from using “exclusive” word myself anyway


Thought the same

What happened to Roco throwing his hat in the ring ? He would have my vote.

Easiest thing to do is throw them out because of association with the past. And all valid reasons why.

His point around ensuring the skillset of the total Board is key. We need to be able to see past the initial reactions and in my view think hard about the alternatives to be sure they will absolutely contribute in a meaningful way… Do we need another accountant as Muir said? Maybe not. Did we know prior to this Andrews tenacity chasing down the development topic? No we didn’t. It’s challenging to know which way to go. I will try and see past all the motherhood type statements to hopefully pick candidates that will makes the best contribution based on their unique skills they bring. Not just pick based on frustration.


Well done. Excellent session. We learned much more about Andrew today and some little gems that Andrew brings to the board that I / we didn’t know. Good job and thanks as always.

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Alright i listened to all 3. Muir has the best CV and helped push for the external review, but both him and Dunn seemed more scripted.

I was really impressed with Paul White, a great talker and his answers seemed genuine.

Chris Ciantar i saw his video on Facebook, that one’s a no from me :sweat_smile:.

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If Andrew’s unique skills had any impact in improving the performance of the EFC then I wouldn’t care who was on the board. The fact is, over his and his cohorts tenure we have done nothing. There’s much more dead wood to clean out.

I had been uncertain of Muir due to the baggage of incumbency but after listening to these interviews am feeling more convinced. Taking what he has said on face value, it’s clear that there was a split in the board for some time and that Muir, along with Barham, were trying to push for changes such as the external review and increased focus on development.

The board in its current form is a new board, albeit with some old members, but one that I’m increasingly feeling should have continuity and stability in being given the opportunity to implement the changes of the external review.

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Great interview.
Appreciate that you’re giving everyone a chance to put their case foward.
This will be the first time I bother to vote and enjoying getting a sense of who is who and how this works

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