Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast - Dreamtime win chat with Paul Cousins

Might need to put a little explicit symbol next to the pod with phrases like that @CJohns :rofl:

Hehe that was an honest mistake but it cheered Grant up.

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Just under two weeks until the huge Essendon trio podcast live event with Donthestat & Flight Plan Pod

Make sure you book your tickets at just $15 asap. Join hundreds of fans having a drink together & talking all things Essendon.

Saturday May 11 from 1pm. We then all walk 5 mins to Marvel to watch us play against the Giants at 4pm. Kids under 12 are free

Look out for some Bomber players also :eyes:

Ticket link below

No rish and rath or the dodcast?

Here it is!!! Cal Twomey joins the show to discuss the Bombers form in 2024. Looking at younger players starting to shine and what possible options are showing already in the upcoming national draft period.


Thanks Lunchies, now very fired up for GWS

Geebus…Grant trying to talk up McKay & Kelly’s disposal efficiency numbers :disappointed:


Great episode :+1::+1:

Would have loved a mid season draft question directed at Cal :man_shrugging:

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Yeh kicking myself on not asking it. Had it written down too. Just forgot


Was hoping for some questions about our Academy players in the upcoming draft and in particular where he sees Kako landing and if he felt he was a good player for us to target.

Great show though and you do well to get such good guests on. Keep it up!


needs to be deleted as a stat

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disposal efficiency doesn’t tell you a hole lot about defenders…unless its poor.
need to balance safe ball movement, and attacking play.

Thanks guys for the continued entertainment for us.


Kicking to a contest where the ball comes to ground, is considered an efficient kick.


A 50/50 or better contest over 40m away

Here it is!!! Bombers defeat the Giants to go 3rd on the ladder. Is this Essendon form sustainable? feels for once it might just be. Ridley and Baldwin live podcast event interview also on the show. It’s a big one!!!


good episode got me through my 1 hour bike ride this morning.

Cheers Houli

interesting to hear that Ridley had a small part in the drafting of Hayes

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