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just my final thought, umpiring i felt was odd for both teams, though it did not reflect the game result. We didnt capatilise on momentum and Gold Coast were much more effecient. I havent mentioned umpiring for several years on the podcast…just found this game officiated for both sides strange. So was more observaional. moved on to Blues clash

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I had a few neutral supporter friends say they thought it was one of the worst umpired games they had seen

The only feeling umpires get during a game is between their legs when they blow the whistle and pay a free kick for the benefit of the crowd cheering them on to do it despite knowing deep down they shouldn’t.

So… Nic Martin hypothetical…

They were only missing Witts from their best side, and if not for inaccurate kicking we’d have won IMO.

We were without Goldstein, Draper, Parish, Duursma & Hobbs. I still reckon the biggest thing holding us back atm is our injury list.


Here it is!!! Essendon’s focus will be on efficiency after the break as wasteful kicking the last fortnight has factored in consecutive losses. We both discuss however a foundation in other key areas is setting the club up well for longer term success.

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Thank you - listening from Europe while on holiday. I still would like to know where has the energy gone? It has been missing for about 4 weeks - was there an exact moment or key injury that changed the way we were playing? Who in the group can get us back to playing near our best? It appears the same players are making the same mistakes they always do in this and previous years.

I dont think we can use injury as an excuse. All clubs (bar Sydney) have injury concerns. Pies have a massive injury list and they pumped the Dees. FC had Cerra, Martin etc. out too.

Lol Martin out. Gee wizz

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Its a comment i use mainly cause we dont have great depth to covers these players like other clubs do. We still need to add talent EOY to be top 5

Kelly playing wing/HFF reminds me of Worsfold playing Ryan Crowley in the forwardline in 2016


I don’t think there is any problem with the energy.
It’s been fine the last 2 weeks. The issue has completely been the disposal into 50 and within the 50


Yeh I think our attitude and effort has been fairy consistent all year. Our form though has dropped off in terms of efficiency. I dont think the gap between us and top sides is as big as others might think. Definitely some gap though


Honestly I think Draper brings a huge amount of energy to the team and has the added benefit of being a good option up forward when in combination with goldy. I think we will see a lift when some of the more experienced injured players return in particular drapes but having parish, reddog and duursma back will play a huge part.


Just noticed listening to this week’s episode on spotify when talking about the ruck segment, it’s titled “ruck jewel”. I hope that’s intentional :joy:

I hear you. To my eyes the pressure isn’t as manic as it was for a couple of weeks there. And IIRC, against the Suns, Champion Data had our pressure rating as around average. Both Gold Coast & Carlton both scored better against us than previous games where we were generally keeping the opposition under 80 points.

But I have to agree it’s less of an issue compared to our delivery into the forward line (comes out as fast as it comes in). Despite that, we’re still getting more scoring shots than the opposition, but all of that hard work is undone when we can’t kick straight.

having drapes parish, reddog and duursma back will play a huge part.

Essendon Assistant Ben Jacobs is our special guest this week. Mid season review chat