Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- Essendon beat top 4 Giants

Here it Is!!! Essendon have a thrilling 6 point win over the top 4 Giants and we just had to talk about it now on the Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast. Listen below


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Strange show from you guys this week… Didn’t understand the critisism of how the coaches discussed the move of Hooker to the forward line. I though it was great that Skipworth, Harvey and Worsfold discussed it then made the move - isn’t that the way it should happen? It’s not like it takes an hour to have that conversation and it shows they are communicating.
Also, I thought Francis had a really positive game (not just the first quarter). Was involved in a lot of the play - a definite improvement. Still a long way to go but I wouldn’t be dropping him on that performance. I would be furious if he was dropped next week. Same with Laverde - hopefully he can keep injury free and continue improving. I know that Heppell’s kicking can be woeful and is frustrating to watch but I thought he had a really good game, especially the last quarter.
The team fought back and got the win… despite deplorable disposal and decision making at times - but the pressure they brought to the game was amazing. I’m not jumping on the lid off bandwagon (our skills are too below par for that).
Sorry if I am misrepresenting you, it’s quite possible that I have got it wrong… I was listening very late at night. But as much as it was a very surprising result, I was also a bit surprised by some of your thoughts.


Yeh i though Francis opened tge game up strong. On reflection i forgot it was his 2nd game in 4 days too.

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Cheers for support

Can’t say i agree with Grant re: brown being a target up forward, can’t remember a game where he 50-50d contests let alone won them as a marking target up forward. we need a hooker-esque gorilla.

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Clearly timing was a factor - but it’s interesting that Knoll is now the only fit ruckman on Sydney’s list! However it sounds like they won’t play him as they don’t think he’s ready.

Yes for Me Brown is a lead up player.

Swans noting Knoll is likely not ready so snelling may of been the better fit after all

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Been enjoying for a few weeks now. Planning to continue listening from somewhere in the middle eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Thanks for the entertainment and insight.
More Alwyn Davey CHF jokes pls. Can be tied into Tippas current role.

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