Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- Essendon Finals Preview with Ronny Lerner

It’s Essendon 2019 Finals Edition of the Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast. Ronny Lerner joins us to talk Essendon 2019 and our approach to facing the Eagles in the 1st Elimination Final in Perth. Huge Show!!!


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About time.

Better later than never i guess

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That’s what I always say :+1:

Cheers for support too

Ronny sounds a bit bullish.

Ambrose improvement gone to another level
Parish having best year
Langford - last 13 scoring shots goals
Clarke - Emergence of a tagger and resigned for a couple of years.
Emergence of Redman
Gleeson back
Stringer - brilliant
Saad - improved
McKenna 35 possies last week

not for this week he’s not, he tipped Richmond v West Coast GF.

Thanks again guys.

On Parish, I’m starting to believe that he might drag us through the next month to a flag :slight_smile:

He’s been as important as anyone in the side for the last 6 weeks, and he was on slightly reduced midfield minutes this week in preparation to be unleashed in the finals!


I think Parish the last month has taken one of the biggest step ups in the AFL. Its not just stats, clean hands, decision making, toughness and skills that have caught my eye


Only thing remaining for Parish to have complete 4 quarter performances. He’s not far away.


Yes true

It might be worth looking at compression. Found Ronny very quiet, and when adjusted for him, you and grant were very piercing.

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Great show as usual guys.

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Cheers mate

Ok will look into that for sure. Always grateful for feedback