Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast - Essendon overcome their Demons

WE WON!!! Here is the new Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast discussing the critical win over the Demons to hopefully start the season getting back on track. We go through every players performance and the VFL game Sunday


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Thanks as always for listening

Thankyou! Enjoyed your informative chat.

Cheers for that

:+1:isn’t it great when we have a win! Thanks again guys… looking forward to next week. No Smac is a big loss.


Cheers Red

Can we beat the Lions?

I have my two daughters listening as well now.
Your podcast has been great listening on my long runs as preparation for Canberra Marathon. Thank you.

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Oh awesome. Always nice to hear. Just arrived at Frankston so will add some VFL content on next Podcast

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Redman is a senior player. My take from today


You are a fan of Redman arent ya? Should Draper play?

Good stuff mate, keep it going.

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A comprehensive and excellent summary on how every payer performed, Thank you very much, guys.

Thanks Don

Cheers Crazy

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Just got confirmation of a 93 Premiership player to be a guest on the Podcast in a few weeks😀 before you ask… Not Hird lol. Details soon

Great work lads, 360 turnaround in your mood from last week!