Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast GWS Review - Honest blunt conversation required

Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast is out already discussing the GWS performance. Can’t sugar coat this one folks.


Is it for adults only?

Time to come off the long run boys

Haven’t listened yet, but yes, I think you probably have sugar-coated it.


Listen first😀

Unless it’s you guys crying for 30 minutes, I don’t think it’s an accurate review.


100% correct re Zach & his fitness.

Its close

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I hope there were some GPS issue. That is pathetic. I saw in Bigfooty every club this week were in excess if 200kms and GWS was one of the lower ones. I cant believe this is true. I could hear the anger and I dont blame you. I switched off the game near the end of the 3rd. If we lose against the saints whoosha must be removed

Sadly its true

Is this doing the rounds or just in the hands of crying bomber fans?

So you are not concerned ?

Every AFL team ran at least 240km+ as a team in round one(highest 297km).

Today Essendon ran a total of 147km as a team

I dont sook… i look at what went completely wrong.


That’s damning. That’s less than 7km per player on average. In 2 hours of footy. You could walk that in an hour.

I just cannot fathom how underdone we looked. I wrote in the preview thread that the conditions will not suit but this is unacceptable. Zaka laughing with a GWS player at the end of the match says it all. We may turn things around but it just feels de ja vu for me. Another false dawn. What is wrong with our Club?

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So AFL noted GPS data during the game for Essendon had technical difficulties… so it could be now innacurate. Waiting on clarification from AFL

i actually rode further on my push bike on saturday then these bludgers

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No I meant is the media running with it? Because they should, that’s way off the mark. Media should be tearing em down.

Yeh media will go to town but we did that to ourselves. Deserves the spotlight

Just listened to it, thought you went a bit easy on worsfold. I do understand though that if you want guests from the club you can’t go absolutely ballistic.

I really liked one of your comments about after games like today you really want a strong president like a Kennett who will rattle the cages and let the members know that what we served up isn’t good enough

Good on ya Scott and Grant… l agree with much of what you say and share your frustration and disappointment.
Looks to me like there is something very wrong with our coaching dept … I am sure John Worstfold is a nice guy but I don’t get the impression he is totally committed to the club or the job.
I don’t usually like it when coaches get the flick but I reckon it’s time to start looking… cause I’m not sure JW’s heart is in it.