Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- Huge Training report podcast out now

One of my favourite aspects of the pod is hearing Scott try to gently save Grant from himself and Grant just stubbornly powering on regardless despite the fact he has little to no ground to stand on. It’s funny. Don’t take it so seriously.


Might have already been mentioned but respect to Grant for soldiering on though that last podcast, he was obviously battling a cough but stepped up to the plate when required…:muscle:.
He’s a different cat but every now and then he comes out with some absolute gold, keep up the good work lads :clap: .


Cheers for that. I am doing a solo one on one series on Patreon with guests i want to speak too. Had a 45 min chat today with Julian DeStoop that comes out tomorrow on Patreon. Really enjoyed the chat actually.


Any chance the club would give you access to Craig for an interview? Want to hear more from him and the club have put zero out.


Just listened to the interview Scott… love listening to Essendon ppl talk Essendon… it was a good iview, thanks.