Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast - Instant reaction to Pies loss

From what ED said about Koby Bewick he’s sounds like an abosulte gun

Im guessing he’ll be eligable for the draft when the Tassie concecsions come in they wont have access to him will they?

Father Son rule should override any access for Tassie


Well yes it should, but when has that ever stopped the AFL from shafting Essendon?



Fantastic episode


Absolutely zero chance of that happening.

Also, great ep guys. Huge show.

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Great episode. Jye spoke quite well and ive noticed a few times that hes made mention that he feels hes being played out of position in the forward line.

I’d hope that with parish, shiel and setterfield due to return over the next few weeks that we dont plonk him back permanently in the forward 50. Would be great for him and shiel for example to rotate in the guts. Shiel has shown himself to be handy on half forward as well

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I’d certainly like to see us rotate him and Hobbs through there for parish and setterfield a bit, at least more than not at all which is what happened at the start of the year


@Finding_Nino will be disappointed to hear Caldwell say the coach doesn’t yell at them.


Shouldn’t have got injured at the start of 2021, then Parish would still be in the forward line and Caldwell would be a starting mid.

Here it is!!! Bombers win a thrill over North Melb. We discuss the importance of winning ugly and a club now showing signs of calm and stability. We also cover at length the VFL match and which players stood out.


Thanks guys, enjoyed the show as usual. Just one minor thing while I remember, there seems to be an issue with Grant’s microphone. It’s a bit muffled sometimes. Not sure if he’s talking too close to the microphone or there is an issue with his mic?

Agree on Cox

He just shouldn’t be playing midfield.

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Here it is!!! Ronny Lerner joins the show as we breakdown both a terrific win over the Blues and how Essendon has tracked these first 13 rounds overall. We also discuss the impressive young midfield core coming through. So yes it’s pretty positive😀


Cjohns is that excited he’s had a bat in between the break​:joy::rofl:

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Hobbs … future capitano. Completely convinced.


A really enjoyable episode. It helps that things are going well and everyone is upbeat about the Bombers!

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Leadership coming through is so vital.

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Isn’t it great to feel positive……again, after soo long. Happy listening.