Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast - Instant reaction to Pies loss

Itunes link below as well

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The sounds a bit odd in this one. Scotty you’re way louder than the other 2.

Yeh we had technocal issues the whole show. Bit fristrating but we had to go with what we had in terms of sound

Did you ask him about that odd story of one of his former team mates at the Lions that he shared??

Has anyone still got that vid, where he’s half cut sitting on the couch?


Damnit… after listening to the podcast, Im actually starting to believe we can beat Melbourne.


Me too.

We couldn’t could we?

Yeah ive got it somewhere. Wasnt that story one of the reasons he fell out of favour at the ckub drunk and videoing?

Good show lads. Would be tough to be an elite player these days with social media. Greeney’s insight was great. Hoping it will all click this week.


Cheers Hurls

I haven’t listened yet but I never miss. You guys get me through the disappointment that comes with following the Bombers. I was genuinely numb on Sat night. My daughters 14 and 18 have put up with so much and are getting sick of mediocrity. We live in Geelong and drive down and watch as the Cats reinvent themselves- again!


Hope you like the show :crossed_fingers:

Speak for the people, most people would agree on your rant. Our senior players, leadership and senior coach is a massive mismatch and I can’t see much changing until the young guys are the senior players which is 5 years away.

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Thanks again for the great podcast, but im filthy that you didnt bring up the sam mitchell tackle :grin:

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Thanks guys… terrific interview with Josh Green. Glad to hear he is doing well part afl.
I am still very pessimistic about the season ahead… it is just very hard on the outside to know what is going on. Why is the team playing so bad… terrible skills, no awareness.
But I agree abusing players or booing them off the ground is horrible and only makes a bad situation much worse. I listened to Mick Hurleys post match iview and just felt really sad for him.
But l would have to question the coaches about why the players are so unprepared for the start of the season.
Lots of rumors about disharmony in the playing group, split between some players and the coach… is this just media beat up, click bait or has something happened in the off season?

You from NZ bro? :crazy_face:


Lol oops

It is hard to believe that we are so under prepared both fitness and gameplan. It must have been a massive c.ock up by the Essendon administration. If we are this far behind we wont catch up and another wasted season. Given the resources we have you wondered why no one spoke up? Richardson, Kelly anybody?

The most important but correct word in the podcast was ‘passive’
How has this been allowed to happen?

Definitely interesting hearing from Greeny; what I found interesting was hearing, yet again, that there was nothing qualitatively different in the lead up to our Geelong match last season. For whatever reason it began to click.

Fingers crossed Q3 was that against the Saints, but I’m not super hopeful.

Hopefully he was correct about Fantasia taking a few weeks to get going, because he really is our second best forward by a long way and we NEED him firing if we are going to beat good teams.


Credit to him for being pretty honest during the interview… but I’m not totally convinced he was honest for this question.
Im not saying he was lying. I just don’t think he said exactly what happened that week. All the tough conversations are held in confidence, as they should be.