Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- LID IS OFF instant 15 min hype reaction to Crows Win

LID IS OFF!!! Quick 15 min Reaction @LunchCatchUp Podcast to the thrilling win over the Crows. Top 6 folks!!! Yes we are rather happy…warning


Onya Bombers. Good stuff lads!

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Lol people loving winning podcasts. Enjoy the win BomberBlitz… we did on the Podcast

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Thanks for support as always. Will do a main Podcast covering the win soon

Like most of our supporters who witnessed this wonderful, fighting comeback win with a much depleted side, the boys are buzzing in this mini-podcast session.

It was just such a big win that i think most fans saw as a possible defining moment for the club.

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I must admit, I would have liked this podcast to be a little more “lid off”. :crazy_face::joy:

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Hehe if only you heard the 10 mins before we pressed record


I think you guys got a little carried away (understandable). You kept saying we won by 52 points!!

(It was a 21 point win. 51 point turnaround from a 30 point deficit.)

Yes my phone score app was wrong which obviously made the podcast get the wrong scores. Oops

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