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Another way to look at it is, we’ve been towelled up in only 2 or 3 out of a total 32 qtrs played while also playing 5 of the current top 6 teams.

and we’ve played those games with a list we know is a massive work in progress and not even close to the finished article.

all things considered, doesn’t really seem that bad.


On this pod and others there’s always reference to last year which was obviously a debacle and therefore we look 100% better, maybe more, this year.
This also comes out in the media, and how we’ve been crap for 5 or 6 years.
I’d hope that people all around remember that our core team has been in place since 2017 with high-end additions in 2018, 2019 and we made finals in 2017, 2019 and 2021. The development has been the problem and now with an improved focus, we’d expect to see consistent improvement.
Why shouldn’t we expect to make finals this year?

Just on our lack of contested marks, the last few weeks.
I always felt this would be an ongoing issue for us against the better and bigger sides, as our game plan is built around kicking long to our advantage.

Below I pointed this out after our Hawthorn win.

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Here it is!!! So where is Essendon today post playing the top 5 teams. We look at areas that shows clear improvement required to get to the next level in a few years time. Some of it is simply health of the group.


Here it is!!! Sam Durham last Qtr heroics provides Essendon with one of its all time memorable wins. We cover all of it and breakdown all the key moments. We also discuss Brad Scott’s influence throughout the club so far. It’s a fun one!!!


Thanks @CJohns. I was walking the dog yesterday evening when the podcast came on. I found myself fist pumping the first 1:50 seconds. Good work.


Did Grant not realise that Settefield isn’t playing?
Agree when Cox comes in it will be at half back and Either Kelly/LAV replacement
Good win, nice discussion.

Agree with Seddon
The intro was something else.
Feels spine tingling when Duzza gets it with only seconds to go.
Didn’t think of it comparable to the Zaka goal and close win. but your right, it would be in the top handful of wins over the last 15 years. I still think zaka and 2009 better though :slight_smile:

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100% agreed. I was at that game, and I can still remember throwing this blokes Collingwood scarf over the fence :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:. He was sitting next to me and was throwing barbs all day. It was very reactionary of me but the guy was a good sport when he didn’t really have to be :joy:.

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i remember by pies mate giving it to essendon fans leaving with 10-15 minutes to go.

let’s just say at the end of the match the efc fans that stayed gave him a mouthful :rofl:

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I took it as when everyone is healthy re Setterfield.

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Probably right. But boy this one still gave me so much excitement and satisfaction for reasons sightly different to Pies clash. More a club thats changing more authentically and not on just good vibes or hype.

What about the audio of you singing after the game?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That shall never be spoken off again lol


1 good game from Caldwell and Hobbs and people are quick to forget how good Parish and Setterfield were earlier in the season.

What about the Tippa goal to beat Norf in 2019?

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Yeh the North game and the GWS game also stand out for me in the top 5

and hawks


Oh man, that Ambrose tackle… :star_struck:


Here it is!!! JYE CALDWELL is our podcast guest. We cover the West Coast game, core young group coming through, Brad Scott/Merrett new roles & his recent inside mid minutes. [Ed Pascoe. Also joins us for a full run down on mid season draft options & NGA hopefuls…with an exciting update on Kobe Bewick. Doesn’t get any bigger than this!!! Enjoy.


If soundcloud link is down… then its now up on iTunes, Google and Spotify