Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- Ok Essendon...What's Up?

Esports is an investment and would have 0% affect on the football club


the vline legit goes from geelong to southern cross.

Thanks for the heads up Barnz - shame about the timetable not correlating with the match.

Cheers all

Scott - I agree about the Strategic stuff. This is no doubt because Xavier has surrounded himself with similar types who nod and say yes. Someone should have challenged the lack of on field references and targets. When I recruit I don’t want employees exactly the same as me.

Thought it was a good listen. Thought you went a little light on the players, but overall a very good listen

I loved that you brought up the strategic stuff from the club as well.

In your opinion if we miss finals, will worsfold be there next year?

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Half way though you boys got to the nub, what’s going on the we don’t know about atm?. Is there a succession plan that has just been put in place? etc, etc. Btw, surely Woosha didn’t sit on the bench, without any coms to the box, for the whole " doggies training run "?.

I genuinly think it’s 50/50

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Cheers fire

Was interested in your attempt to analyse why our form has completely dropped off a cliff. I posted in the Woosha thread earlier today regarding this:

Apparently I’m not the first to speculate that a Caracella succession plan/departure of Woosha could be a reason for a collapse in morale amongst the players/coaches. As you speculated, maybe we will hear more as time goes on. But it occurs to me with Woosha’s family moving back to Perth, a development like this wouldn’t come as a total surprise, and the timing seems to line up.

Good episode Scott and some interesting left field points about the club strategic goals with lack of reference to on field success - perhaps they just thought it is obvious? But most clubs do have some kind of KPI/target for them to be working toward, do we have anything there? maybe @Catherine_Lio could shed some light on that?

BTW I actually met the guy who was in the photo yelling at Heppell while we were waiting for the train. Passionate guy who was pretty angry about the terrible game and especially the lack of effort, same as me and 100,000 other supporters. I’ve got no issue with him yelling about pride for the jumper, didn’t look like he was booing the players (from what I saw anyway)

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Made me realise myself why i didn’t pick it up at the time. There was an obvious need to re brand the club and i get that but i was taken back that 90% of targets and themes were all off field based. Like i said Richmond had clear GF targets in 5 year plan and we seem to not have that… though obviously club want too. Just the messaging in the strategic plan was really a bigger sense of becoming inclusive and a commercial powerhouse


Can’t brag about a good memory and let grant go on about Leppitsch choking Zac O’Brien whilst coach of the tigers, when it was the lions.

Yes we discussed that after actually. Got that one wrong

I think a good conversation to have is the coaches mantra on him not motivating the players and players need to do that themselves before a game. We have only lead at Qtr time 6 TIMES this year…out of 20. So is this philosophy working with our group?


Great Podcast Gents. Thought you navigated the frustration of the last 2 weeks very well. Great work :slight_smile:

I can’t see how this is working. How is he communicating effectively with the players when we are getting comprehensively thrashed and nothing seems to be done about it? The players keep saying how bland and unemotional his behaviour is, where is the passion and anger to deal with 15 goals in a row being scored against us?

I’m sure that there are some players who don’t need to coach to tell them what to do, they are the natural leaders anyway. But this philosophy of letting them sort it all out by themselves is madness when the rest of the team are looking like witches hats.



In any situation like this where facts are very hard to come by and opinions (as educated or informed as any of them may be) are plentiful, I think about my favourite quote “The things you don’t understand you can make mean anything”. Blitz is a hot bed for this. The truth is none of us know if anything has changed, if it has what that is or when it changed. All the theories are nothing more than an attempt to rationalise the performance that was dished up, to make ourselves feel better about it. It could be little bits of everything that’s being speculated on. It’s unlikely to be one big easy fix problem. I doubt that we’ll have much clarity on what’s going on for quite some time.

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I think Richard Young might have had this in mind when he constructed the strands of a cable argument for WADA/ASADA when CAS stitched up the Essendon 34.

Your right, none of us know.

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