Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast review of Disney destroying Freo

‪Here it is!!! We discuss on The @LunchCatchUp the win over Fremantle, players that stood out, how the year has gone so far and an honest open chat about Aaron Francis.‬


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is it possible with parish that after smack went down, lang got shifted into midfield after hooker was sent forward and parish gets pushed back to hff purgatory?

Yes easily. Have to watch again. Parish though does have to stop those missing in games for 30 mins. Will check again if he was moved forward however

Here is the Itunes link

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Good listening, well done. Balanced discussion on Francis.

Cheers for that

Supporters just wanna see Francis in.
The worry is he goes back to SA.,
But more so, we just wanna see the future best 22.

And theres not that many other kids banging the door down. - CLarke, Ridley, Mutch have all had a taste.

Stewart could come in for McKernan, Long could come in for Colyer, but the fans arent excited about these kids as they are somewhat a known quantity, and already played some games htis year.
Francis could be like Redman - improved exponentially since he last played at AFL level.

IMO Goddard looks slow at Half back. And with Redman, Ridley and Francis, do we really need another year from Goddard?

All pretty valid. If earning your spot is the criteria then Aaron has done that in my view… some in the 22 have some less

Great stuff as always, CJ.

Thanks mate… appreciate the support every week. Hooping to get a few more guests in the next month as well