Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Review of Essendon's win over Freo

Here It Is. We won! Tonight on the Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast we discuss the win over Fremantle and look at the upcoming big Dreamtime clash


Good listen. You get the impression their bringing smack straight back in. You could tell woosh was making the point he’s fit, which tells me their playing him

Agree on Redman should be doing some kick ins. Drink every time Hurley kicks long and wide or McKenna goes for a dinky kick

I really enjoy your work. Keep it up


Cheers mate. Much appreciated

Thanks for support as always

It’s amazing the different impressions we get. After watching Woosha’s press conference my impression was that smack definitely isn’t playing AFL this week

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Very often the case i find.

Itunes link to show

Good work, guys. Loved the fascinating insight into the way Saad plays the game.

Cheers mate

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