Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast review of the big Lions win with Ronny Lerner

Here it is!!! Ronny Lerner joins The Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast to discuss the big win over The Lions, the greatness of Walla and the importance of Zach Merrett. Was a brilliant chat. You can listen by clicking below. Feel free to share to any Essendon sites.


Itunes link is below


thanks again scooter. will listen on the drive to work tomorrow :+1:


Cheers. Hope you like it

Was waiting for this yesterday afternoon. What took you so long? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

Sometimes we are dictated by guest time availablity . We might do one Saturday this week though after VFL game to wrap up both games


Let me know some ideas of guests

Mark Mecuri…

Yeh he is really hard to locate currently. Trying

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The last great number 43, Deano

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Jane McDonald

Really enjoyed it CJ, Ronny seemed more relaxed this time, was a good chat, I don’t think he needs you to make him the Guru though.

I’m hoping you’re not insulted if I say that a lot of the charm of your podcast is that it is essentially good natured Essendon nerds and dorks (I won’t say which is which), just like a lot of us, talking about our beloved Bombers and you get to talk to some of our royalty occasionally, which is great.

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I think this podcast hinted a coming potential crisis for the club. How are we going to keep Ambrose, Francis, Gleeson, Ridley, Redman, Brown, Zerk and Guelfi happy when Hurley, Hooker, Saad and McKenna are locks for our back 6?

That only leaves 2 places when those players are fit.

These are 8 players who could easily find another club, and a lot of them could be champions, and I haven’t mentioned Hartley who isn’t bad either.

Self confessed efc nerd👍


What does that make Grant?

Unique in his own special way lol :grinning:


Any Daniher would be great

Kevin Walsh memories of the 84 GF — would be brief

I like it👍

Reckon Terry would be great for a laugh… onbviously down the track now