Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- Ronny Lerner discusses Essendon Swans win

Here it is!!! Essendon win 5 of the last 7 after Swans win. Where is Essendon at? Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast ask the big questions to Ronny Lerner from The Age to help provide some answers. Great discussion.


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Cheers for support. Love to hear your thoughts on Ronny’s discussion

good discussion! although i think Ronnys off the mark when he says it wouldnt be a big deal to trade parish. hes developing into a seriously good footballer


Tend to agree. Sure if you get a Kelly as a swap i get it but i think you want to keep developing him

Who do you think will end up better… Parish or McGrath?

I think they will both end up good.

McGrath is probably slightly better due to pace.

Both can go forward and kick goals.

Parish finds uncontested possies a bit easier at the moment

not sure as i see them as different players. Parish more inside mid/in the guts, McGrath more half-back/ outside run type. both complement each other very well and seem to have a great relationship at the moment.

Given how well McKenna and saadhave been and how well Redman has come on plus Ridley and Gleeson back, you can see why McGraths focus should be in the midfield.

I see both as inside mids mcgrath just has a bit more pace.

McGrath definetly more suited to inside mid than outside run. I think he is more inside than zerrett.

i definitely see that. he is very good in tight traffic. but his outside run is incredible. hes able to change direction in an instant while on the run. that sort of thing can break games open. its awesome because he can do both (probably part of why he was taken at no.1). will probably have a balance of both being a distributor and being the receiver

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his change of direction in suck quick time is his biggest strength

These are making the dishwashing more enjoyable Scoot, thanks.