Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast - Ronny Lerner is our guest to talk loss to Demons

Here it is!!! Essendon talked up mid-week that they were not the same team as 23…and then put those words into action. We discuss a terrific weekend for the club


Awesome, I’ll give it a listen tonight, I’m always hanging for these to come out, the Patreon post game shows after a win are golden too.

One thing I wanted to comment on… Last week you guys were critical of Scott playing too many guys out of position. It was after a big loss so maybe you were just searching for answers… Maybe it’s wishful thinking but the upside is guys are getting practice in different positions, which is very handy if a key player goes down in a final, also it keeps the opponent guessing how we will line up. Harry Jones is great on the wing

I think Scott is making sure that while we are in the running for finals, we are still trying different things. I don’t think he’s written off this season at all. The players are learning a lot, developing quickly and I don’t think he’s put a line through anyone. It’s hard to break into the team right now but the team looks quite different now than it did in rounds 1-5 even though we were winning. We have some good depth too and if we can keep them fresh by rotating them through the ones we will be a better squad for it.

Keep it up fellas.


Yes thats fair. I felt like we were lacking temporary cohesion with so many moves in a short period. Now that those moves has settled last few weeks… it seemed to click more against Pies. No doubt there are aspects too like Ridley getting use to McKay etc.


Good little mention of Hinds work in the final minutes :ok_hand:


It was actually a pretty important few mins he played


Good chat gents! Enjoyed it. FWIW re Hind, I like him. Yep, odd brain fart but he having a great year and gives us dash which we need when playing all our tall timber. He seems well adjusted now to being content playing his role, whether starting 22 or sub. If a squeeze to fit him in, perfect sub.


Here it is!!! AFL Journalist @RonnyLerner joins the show to discuss Essendon 2024 and areas that are not going as well in the past 6 weeks. Its a great chat


A couple of points;

I felt you guys had half talked yourself into the concept that Brad was out coached at the selection table and at the game without coming to the conclusion. His real reluctance to make changes is becoming a weakness.

If I hear progress isn’t linear in relation to Essendon I will throttle someone. How has Essendon progressed? We are still on the same spiral we’ve been on for nearly twenty years. You yourself noted that as of now Brad is no more successful than Truck.

It’s been clear that the close wins against “poor” sides hid underlying issues that are now real concerns.


I think we have made some progress. Though I think lot of that is personnel (Caldwell, Durham, McKay, Duursma, etc.)

Compared to 2023 we have
Improved points scored by 4 per game
Improved points against by 4 per game

But you are right that some close wins probably have hidden some underlying issues.

Let’s say Elliot took that mark late on Anzac Day and kicked a point. We would be sitting 12th on the ladder, which is in line with where our percentage has sat all year

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I think we have made progress. I don’t shy from away from that. Sadly it’s mainly in the areas of established players, free agency and off season trades etc with some key 22/23 year olds in Durham and Caldwell that are providing some real stability. Changing midfield dynamic is a huge positive. My concern is still our youth . Players like Hobbs, Tsatas, Perkins, Cox and Reid These are all high end picks that either cant get on the park or seem a fair way off any top end status. The two Daveys are 50/50 if going to make it. Caddy finally some positive in this area.

So i am trying to work out how we get up to a stage of consistent top 4 when our youth are not showing much tbh


Another item that you hit on in the podcast but didn’t address is team culture. If the same thing has happened under three different coaches what is the constant.?Is it the culture in the team or the culture around the team? Are there enough people like Merret with the uncompromising will to achieve? Coz one player isn’t enough. It has to be acrosss the board.
You asked the question: why did Draper just thump the ball forward for no good effect? If it wasn’t what they wanted he MUST have been told to stop and do something else. It’s an issue if he wasn’t.

Generally dont want any of these blokes in the team that will not follow Brads instructions

Its hard to know how hard you go on team culture without sounding like a keyboard warrior. The feedback i get is that its the best its been for over a decade. So my disappointment in players not carrying out coaches instructions is just one game at round 18. The key part is that it now cant be a trend moving forward… i have more confidence it wont with a strong coach

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I love your pod and your open approach to things

If it continues happening and its the same players i really hope theres no free pass and they get some kind of punishment because really if one person in the chain isnt doing the right thing the whole structure falls

doesn’t necessarily equate to it being good enough though.

not following instructions is a massive red flag because we’ve been here before many times.

for it to happen out of the blue under the newer stricter coach who is all about standards, particularly when the ‘prize’ was clear for all to see, is not a good sign, putting it politely.

The whole Draper punching the ball cant be just a part of the not listening to the coach.
What are the midfield players saying to him.
Players talk before every center bounce, surely they would/should be telling him to stop. There is even the chance to do it at some around the ground stoppages.

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you would have to think that blindly bombing long to May and lever was not part of the master plan.

Yes but i don’t think it’s unusual that a game for any side in the AFL has a moment where coach says “what happened… what did we discuss”?

The key comment was Scott saying thats the first time for over a year. Teams have bad losses and it normally means instructions not carried out well. It’s just how much you minimise it over the season. I would suggest we would be top 4 in consistency in approach this year

What are the coaches instructions that weren’t adhered to??

I threw up a little in my mouth when Ronnie sprouted that line.