Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Swans Loss review with Ronny Lerner


Must admit i was taken back when Ronny started. Grant and myself were looking at each other going… oh so its not just us


No gents, it’s not just you.




I had a pretty good idea considering the tee-off he was doing on Twitter.


Who do you suggest then? Charlie Pickering?


Yeh i actuallly appreciate he speaks his mind


might as well bring back kevin sheddy.


Kevin sheedy as chairman?


People might slam me but Hird would make a great Chairman…but yes i understand it would not happen


Not sure that would help out free kick count.
Maybe with a change in afl house.
Hirdy would be great.


So its not just my wife then😀


Yes so glad he joined the show monthly


The issue with Parish is half the fact he continually gets dropped and half the fact that he plays mostly forward. He is not a forward even though he kicked 2 goals on the weekend.

Give him 90% midfield time and drop Myers permanently so that there is a spot for him in there


Well said


Ronny is my new favourite media person. His passion nailed exactly how Essendon supporters are feeling. We are hurting yet are receiving radio silence from key people within the club. It’s not good enough.


Ronny not letting up


Ronny obviously reads BB. His article reads like a selection of comments posted here over the last week.


Ronny Lernings.



Fantastic podcast Scooter. Ronny is a great get, and I’m finding you guys are really filling a void around meaningful EFC analysis in the mainstream press.

Absolutely love your work.


any chance you could get stringer on for a segment on next weeks podcast and ask him about the rampe goal post incident?