Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- The Solution to fixing Essendon

The Solution from the much loved @WHWindsock show joins us on the Podcast to have an open chat about Essendon 2019, Woosha and the Elimination final. Heath Hocking also calls in as well to discuss the VFL huge win. This is a BIG show!!! No one held back!


I hope the solution is a flame thrower.

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Looking forward to listening to this later tonight. Thanks kindly for sharing.

Edit: “My head would be spinning like the exorcist”. :rofl: Is that you? @WindyHillWindSock

Almost correct actually

Thanks for another great show… terrific hearing from Heath again, he is a great Essendon champion and sounds like a really nice guy.
Love the Solution and his brilliant podcast Windy Hill Windsock… sad that they aren’t coming back next year.

Haven’t listened yet.
How did you get the guys to curb their swearing, given your show is family friendly ?
Or did you just say fukit, say whatever you want Solution ?

They managed to keep the Solution swearless. Very much in the mould of Clarke destroying Cripps!

Great podcast as usual. If only those in charge of the club were as passionate as you and many of our supporters. The radio silence from key stakeholders on our continued failure as a club is heartbreaking.

Swearless ?

FMD…must have paid him :laughing:

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No mate, not to be confused. I wasn’t aware of the above when I joined Blitz and when I did become aware I messaged Riolo about changing my username but found it wasn’t possible so just continued as is.

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Cheers. Solution was great

Thanks mate

Thanks Red

Really enjoyed the show.

Great to hear Windyhill windsock.

Good summary of the season, and discussion of the elimination final.

If you get Hocking on next week again (if we win) please ask - who he thinks will go on to a good AFL career in the current VFL team.

solutions wise

  • need to get best medical guys in, maybe we were too conservative post saga
  • hopefully Caracella fixes game plan issues next year - if Woosha doesnt listen then he has to go.
  • Its now Dodoro’s time to work his Magic - contract extension Daniher, Francis, draft some Dodoro specials.
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Thanks as always Houli

Spoke to someone today who knows people working at the club and openly confirmed Woosha’s reliance on assistants, tendency to flip flop with the game plan and believes players must motivate themselves. He said Woosha is a nice guy though.

Nice guy part i believe. I am hearing a bit of player unrest currently

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I was happy because it confirmed everything that I thought and you guys have spoken about.

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Cheers Leon