Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Upbeat Ess v Coll review

The Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast discusses the heartbreaking loss to Collingwood but why Essendon fans should not be too upset. Also a look at last years trade period in detail and why this now benefits the 2018 trade period.


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Awesome response so far on downloads. Much appreciated

Thanks again, CJ!

Cheers irons. Support for podcast has been great

2nd grant laughing at you re devon

Lol like i said i agree somewhat but you can’t ignore the coaches weekly votes and see Heppell double more than any other player. Seems odd yes but its what it is

I believe playing to a role counts for way less if you cost the team goals.

Which Heppell does a lot with his loopy floaters

Just on your discussion regarding the McKernan being called to play on close to 3 qtr time.
The shot clock definitely expired.
I could see it getting down to under 10, then Smack placed the ball on the ground and I knew he had no idea how much time he had left.

I was hoping his team mates were talking to him but obviously they informed him too late.
Just poor awareness from the big guy.
Man, he’s a frustrating player at times !

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Ok cool cheers for that. I kind of sensed Smack stuffed that one up. Smack had huge moments in the game actually

Re Heppel leading the coaches votes, you could say he has played better in our wins, but not our losses.

Devon seems to be easily best in our losses.

And not only the coach votes for B & F.
But yeah Heppell probably still is top 3.

That podcast was pretty much the anti-WOB thread.

I concurred with their assessment.

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I agree with this. I think Hepp would be way ahead at the moment. He was getting coaches votes (including from the opposition coaches), in the first 8 rounds when people on here were bagging him for 2 or 3 wayward kicks. He’s been clearly our best since round 8.

I’d be surprised if Hurley is in the top 5. This award favours players who play every game. He’s missed 2, plus he was woeful early on.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Goddard is up there again. He’d always be doing what the coaches want, plus he’s played every game.

I think you’ve both missed the point of how the Crichton works.

Hepp could be getting 8’s or 9’s for his good games, and Smith 7’s for nearly every game. There are a lot of votes handed out each week in the Crichton. Smith will be getting a considerable number each week, and in our bad games would have been getting most votes (even though fewer votes in total are handed out for a really bad performance).

In our ordinary performances, we maybe would get one player in the coaches’ votes. Maybe it was Hepp, maybe Zach, maybe Dev. Not so in the Crichton.

We saw how missing one game cost Zach last season. Plays that game and he very probably wins.

And I’d be very surprised if Hurley was in the top 5. And Zach got suspended for a hit half as hard as May’s last week. Just adds fuel to the fire of what was in fark Carlton’s medical reports last season. C**ts!

Yes, it was a good discussion. I especially agreed with the assessment of Long’s game and career.

Thought the discussion around winning on the trade table last year was interesting. Personally I think we should be holding our first round pick no matter what this year. I feel there is likely to be a good mid available given a lot of the super talent seems to be key position players. We need to add a quality mid and the draft is the best way of doing it - other than grabbing say a Gaff through free agency.

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Fair call actually

I’m not missing the point of how the Crichton works. I just think the coaches votes are an indication that the coaches rate Hepp’s performances this year far higher than the fans do.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Hepp has more than 20 (it’s a maximum possible 25 each week isn’t it?) votes most weeks so far. Possibly dev does as well. I guess we’ll see

I think coaches see things outside of skill errors…Hepps has done a huge amount of physical work for the club

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