Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast- Walla Magic puts Essendon into top 8

Here It Is!!! Let’s talk Essendon reviving it’s year and the excitement of the last 2 mins on Saturday. Huge Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast show and we were excited to talk all things Bomberland.


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Just a heads up. Newest episode not coming through on Google Podcasts. Not sure if it’s an upload thing or app thing.

Ok cheers. Will check. Should be fine for soundcloud and itunes.

This show is quite popular… sense fans are quite upbeat this week


What gives you that idea? :grin:

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Just a hunch with the rather spectacular win

Top show guys, keep it up!

I love the commentary montage at the beginning…Huddo’s commentary is top notch…and Lyon in the background just enjoying the show, like a fan.

Cheers for that

Hopefully we can do it more often… after a win that is